Friday, October 05, 2012

The Beeline

I know that you're paying attention. You're knocking on my door and my tracker is recording the knocks.

Sooo...the question now is: Why?

I assume that your visits are related to Tatyana Tupikova.

But what I'm wondering is: Are your visits also related to someone else?

I know that might be possible.

Yes, I want to know who killed Tatyana Tupikova. I've made that very obvious.

And, yes, I have stuck my nose into something that, in the beginning, didn't concern me.

But Tatyana's story bothers me. It should. It should bother everybody who hears about it.

And the terrible ending of that beautiful woman should really bother whomever killed her.

I notice that you went away for awhile...after I went past the story of Tatyana's death and focused on other things.

Then I decided to create an obvious link to the Battle Ground, Washington police online tip option.

And're back.

So another question that I have is: Do you want to find justice for Tatyana or are you trying to cover something up?

I'm well-aware of your ties in this Country: The good, the bad and the ugly.

So let's not ignore the 800-pound gorilla in the room.

If  you care about losing Tatyana...a precious soul in her own right...then I will be more than willing to work with you. But I prefer to do it in my own way.

If, however, you have wrong intentions...consider yourself warned: You'll never get past my God.

You can destroy a body but you will never take down the One who brought life into existence, in the first place. And there is such a thing as karma...I sincerely suggest that you don't push yours.

There is someone else that I am concerned about. You already know who that is.

Perhaps we can help each other...and resolve both cases.

I would like to discuss this possibility, further. You are welcome to leave a comment on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie, If you're referring to me, I'm a faithful fan of yours. I sincerely admire your spirit, courage and intelligence. I hope someday you'll publish your journeys. And just to be very clear, I'm on your side with reference to Kyron Horman. I became intrigued about you after seeing your video on youtube about Houze. Stay safe!

Ruthie Rader said...

No. I am referring to someone... (actually more than one person) who make their presence known in a certain way.

If you are aligned with them and you want justice, then we should discuss this matter via email.

If you are just testing the waters, please be mindful of the heavy current and the rip tide.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie,
I know you have all sorts writing to you. I hope you're not referring to me either. I am just a fan but a new fan so I hope the timing was not such that you think I'm that person visiting your blog. I am just an admiring fan and I love the freedom you have and I love reading your blog!! Years ago, before hubby and kids, I lived on my sailboat. Love my kids but it was heaven now that I look back. little cabin with a bunk, propane heater, sterno to heat on. Like I'll bet it is for you, everyday was an adventure. It was such a pleasure to take a shower with hot water, I came to appreciate the things that really matter. I was close to the natural world, had few belongings,who really needs alot of crap, close to the weather and experienced things others don't know about or ignore. It was kinda hard but not in the way it is to live like the mainstream. It was real and interesting and I know you feel the same way. When out on the boat, I used to look back on shore, and think how thankful I was to not be back there with all that craziness and boring mundane stuff. Often think you might feel the same. So, I hope you don't mean me, Ruthie!!! And whoever this person is, Ruthie stay on the offensive, call them out, it's always best when things are exposed to the light of day. Stay safe! Carolyn

Ruthie Rader said...

Hi Carolyn...I slept like a baby, on a sailboat, once. The boat was anchored in the bay by Sarasota, Florida.

And yes, what you felt is very similar to how I've felt for years, on the road.

But my post is directed at a particular reader and that reader, along with others, knows exactly why I posted the words that I did.

It's high time that the reader/readers in question, bridge the gap between us.

Ruthie Rader said...

I will check my tracker, tonight. And I will see if the individual(s)
are still skating around the edges of my blog.

I agree with you, Carolyn...the right thing to do now is to hit or get out of the box.

Kyron, himself, is worth a grand slam.

Lurking on a blog is one thing. Saving the life of a young human being, is something else, altogether.

Ruthie Rader said...

Carolyn sent me this comment, tonight and I accidentally deleted it. Sorry about that, Carolyn!

Luckily, I saved it in my email. Here it is:

Hi Ruthie,
Yes, it's an independence and attitude that stays with you forever, no matter where you are. Yep, being rocked to sleep on a sailboat is the best.. I had forgotten that feeling, thanks for reminding me, Ruthie. I understand your joy with being on the road, it's hard but the positives far outweigh the negatives and if anybody has to ask, they just don't get it! The reader you're directing the post to, I hope they come out and bridge the gap soon. If I can offer any insight, I know that everything is better when exposed to the light of day. It's been true for me too. Any problem, issue, conflict, anything is better when it's confronted and honestly laid out on table. I hope it happens and in the meantime, thinking about you, hope all is well tonight. Stay safe, Warm thoughts, Your friend, Carolyn