Monday, November 26, 2012

Dick And Jane And Totally Insane

Recently,  I posted about a problem person who is spending its nights at the women's shelter.

This is an update.

The person who swears that its intention is to change its gender from male to female is now
(supposedly) taking estrogen pills.

If you ask me, I think that the freak really needs to take a pill of another kind.

First of all, this big ox (who weighs in at over 300 pounds) doesn't want to do anything to help
clean-up the shelter. Nope. Instead, the male mastodon whines whenever it is asked to do

The latest round of bullshit included the words, "I can't see very well" when the lard ass was asked
to vacuum the carpet. Meanwhile, I carry the trash bag out every morning.

This morning was priceless, however. It really was:

The first bus was crowded, so only Peg and I were able to board it. Mastodon and a new woman (who
has a very nasty chest cold) had to stay behind and wait for the next bus.

After Peg and I sat down, next to each other, I quipped: "Bet that thing has smoke blowing out of its ears, now."

I said that because Mastodon doesn't like it when it doesn't get on, first.

A woman sitting in front of us, turned around and nodded.

"That gal really opened her mouth at me, the other day when she got on the bus" she declared.

"You mean that big freak that we just left behind?" I asked.

"Oh yes" she confirmed, "She stepped on the bus and told me that I was sitting in her seat!"

Peg snorted.

The woman, who was speaking to us, was dressed like an office worker. She is part of the early
morning crew that hits the work track, first.

"I think it's only fair that you know that that individual is not any sense of the word.
That thing is a man, with all of its manly parts and it isn't wanted where it is now. We are fed up with
it and we want it to go somewhere far, far away."

She opened her lipsticked mouth and stared.

"Yep" added Peggy, nodding her head, "It's a guy."

The other passengers on the little bus grew silent and began listening to our conversation.

"Well then" asked the woman, "Why on earth your shelter?!"

"That's what we would like to know" I replied.

"I don't feel that the person should be anywhere near our shelter" I declared and Peg nodded in

"Well, certainly not!" said the woman.

"That person is not allowed to stay in our has to stay in another room" Peggy explained.

"But we don't want it there, at all" I added.


The State of Oregon is known for taking a liberal stance in many situations. However, the person that
we were discussing this morning, has not endeared itself to us, at all. That freak is lazy, demanding,
loud and creepy. Peg and I are convinced that Mastodon is a total phony, who is looking for a soft ride. We are certain that the person has no intention of reversing its gender, much less undergoing
(ahem) surgery.

Right now, anyone staying at the women's shelter, is stuck with that person's presence.

Will that guy remain at the women's shelter all winter?

Peggy plans to stay in contact with me, even after I leave Corvallis, this coming weekend.

I'll continue to keep you posted.

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Juli Henry said...

Is this going to provide a loophole for shelters in Oregon to go Coed? It looks like a liability waiting to materialize.