Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From The Outside In...

Northwest Cable News/KGW-TV

Oregon Live/The Oregonian

Even  Desiree Young's attorney, Elden Rosenthal, is keeping quiet about this latest
development in the Kyron Horman missing child case.

And after reading the article by the KGW-TV news staff, I am convinced that
something BIG is happening. And that "something" will more than likely lead to
serious activity, long before 2014.

My hope is that Kyron (possibly along with other missing children) will be
brought back alive.

Rosenthal isn't talking...major hmmm...but I bet that somebody else is.

Is a Christmas angel finally bringing the gift of resolution, tied with a shiny
bow of truth?

I hope so.

I also hope that the scales of justice tip in favor of young Kyron Richard

Sheriff Dan Staton...don't you dare let that kid down.

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