Thursday, November 08, 2012

Your Republic Is Thata Way

"I know a lot people said that if their candidate lost the election, they’d be moving to Canada," reporter Jeff Brucculeri said. "Not sure why, but that's what some of the folks promised out there. So let me give you the quickest and directest route from Tulsa to Canada."


Har. Smirk. Giggle. BAAAAHHAAAHHAA!!!

Go on, then. By all means, you twisted, bitter, cheating, low-down, underhanded, disgraceful excuses for United States citizens. Go run on up to Canada. I sure won't stop you. But I might wave and say, "
Buh, bye."

Because, the truth is: I just don't care. I don't.

If you Ugly Americans want to leave, then I think that you should go. There will be enough people left on the south side of the border to keep this Country going. And your mass-defection will make more room for the rest of us. Your exodus will free-up more goods, services, jobs and homes for the rest of us. So, you'll do the rest of us, who are going to stick around...a really BIG favor.

And the rest of us can and will live with that.

"Eh?...what's that you're saying now?...The Canadians are refusing to let you in?...They're afraid that you'll depress their moose, piss-off their hockey players and skunk their ale?"

Well, hey...there's another option...(No, not THAT one...I know that you'll never become decent human beings): You could ask the Russkies if THEY'LL take you.

Yeah, that's the ticket: Go live with the comrades. I'm sure that the Russian Federation will be just thrilled to see you.

You go on over to the land of babushkas and cold, beet soup and experience what it's REALLY LIKE TO LIVE outside the Cradle of Liberty.

Hurry up and get moving, now. Because the rest of us have stuff to do, important things that can't wait.

Don't let the screen door of crass stupidity hit your ass on the way out.

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