Thursday, November 29, 2012

No Cleanliness. No Godliness. That's All.

Evidently, someone did something in a bathroom, last year. As a result
of that, the decision was made to ban this year's batch of women from the
bathrooms in that big church building.

A large porta-potty was brought in, instead.

As a result of that action, I can't even wash my face with soap and
water. I don't have a decent place to floss and brush my teeth. I
can't wash or fix my hair. Or wash my feet. I CAN'T KEEP CLEAN!

A "water cooler" type of dispenser, was set-up when the shelter opened
on Nov. 15, for the season.
Five days ago, our water supply ran low and bottled water was brought
in. But even that was rationed.

Then, this morning, it was announced that we are only going to be able
to use the available water for drinking, only. We will no longer be
allowed to use the water to brush our teeth, wash our face or
wash our hands.

I'm serious. (Remember, we have NO ACCESS to a sink AT ALL!)

We were told that toothbrushes, that already include toothpaste, will
be used at the shelter and that they will not require water. It was
also announced that we would use "wipes" to wash our face and
hand-sanitizer to clean our hands.

That is outrageous.

We are women. We require a decent mode of hygiene. We don't deserve a
freezing cold (in the middle of the night) chemical toilet that is
only pumped-out once a week.

I have the right to use my own toothbrush and type of toothpaste, I
deserve to be able to floss my teeth and maintain proper oral hygiene.

And furthermore, because the shelter does include the preparation and
consuming of food, on the premises, all of the women have the right to
properly and thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water.

We are in Oregon, not in a Third World country. And the expectations
being put on us now are ridiculous. The
situation, as it exists now, is unfair and wrong.

Had it not been for the direct intervention of an outside source (done
as a personal favor to me) I would not have accessed a shower, a
washer and dryer, a clean and conventional toilet or even a sink
during the past two weeks.

Christmas is coming and I wonder why some people think that it's
acceptable for the women who are staying at that shelter to take a bus
across town to wash their face?

Someone needs to fix this. And soon.

I will be gone, tomorrow but I will be leaving other women
behind...still stuck in that position. That bothers me.

It should bother some other people, too.

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