Monday, November 05, 2012

Ruthie By The Ocean~~


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie,
Thank you for posting these photos. After the havoc here on the East Coast, what a stark contrast to see an intact beautiful shoreline and calm tranquil water again. It's pretty rough here right now for alot of people, especially in NY, but it will get better. Thanks, Ruthie for reminding me how nice life can be. Be safe, Carolyn

Ruthie Rader said...

Hello, Carolyn. If you have any reaction or photo/video of what is going on out there, right now...send it and I will put in the blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie, To add insult to injury, tonight we got a northeaster! But President Obama won the election, so it's a great day!! Some wind and snow tonight but nothing like Hurricane Sandy last week! New Jersey is recovering. The worst was and still is in NY. The gas explosion and fires in Queens that destroyed a working class neighborhood of cops and firefighters is very tragic. People escaped without coats and shoes in many cases. Staten Island is ravaged from the wind and storm surge. Power still isn't back. Neighbors took a truck load of begged and borrowed gas cans (the red ones) filled them and took them up to Staten Island last Sunday. No gas for generators and no power and it's been cold. People here are talking about PSSD - Post Sandy Stress Disorder, it's a real thing. It was a nightmare of a storm. Sat at my computer watching that night and waiting, prepared as we could be with lanterns and radio and generator, sterno and stuff like water, canned goods and instant coffee. Knew it would be bad nobody knew how bad. I had an evacuation plan - a shelter at one of the nearby high schools that was pet friendly. How the heck I was going to get 3 dogs and 3 cats to a shelter in a hurricane is beyond me, but I had a plan. I even linked to NOAA from your blog Ruthie, so thank you! All the big Cruise ships, Norweigan, Carnival, left New York Harbor that afternoon in anticipation of the storm. The Navy took a fleet in North Carolina out too. It was safer to be out at sea than near the shorelines. Boats and marinas along the coastline were destroyed so they knew what they were doing. The anticipation was frightening, like the boogey man when we were kids and you said to yourself, it's out there and here it comes. Only this thing was for real. Then the power went out, for hundreds of thousands of us. The wind was so bad the houses shook. This monster hit New Jersey and New York (it was 1000 miles across) and the eye made a beeline for Philadelphia across the river where I live. It was crazy scary.All you could do is hang on and hope the roof didn't blow off. We were very lucky. School was out for a week. No power, no cable, no internet, no heat. Everything dark for miles and miles. It was one hell of a storm. But nothing like the damage along the Jersey shore and in New York City. The good news is that there has been a huge outpouring of support from all over the country and people in NY and Jersey sincerely need it. People will eventually get their lives back on track but it's going to take awhile for sure. Anybody who still denies global warming, climate change and increasing severe weather events should have been here during Sandy. Think they might reconsider!

Ruthie, thanks for caring so much about people back here on the East Coast and what they went through and allowing me to share some of the crazy events of last week here! Take good care friend, stay safe, Warm Regards, Carolyn