Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Four

Troy lives in a loft apartment in Olympia, Washington. It is very
nicely decorated and includes a piano (complete with a candelabra),
a large, flatscreen TV and photos of himself, when he was a kid.

He likes to sleep on the big, semi-circular couch. But when he
offered me the bed (which I am sure is comfortable and is covered
with numerous pillows), I chose the upholstered chair, instead.

Troy snapped a movie on the flatscreen and cooked us something
to eat. An hour later, he and I and the dog, all fell asleep. It had
been a long day.

Yesterday morning, Troy drove me to the Olympia Transit Center.
He was all decked-out in a white, dress shirt, black trousers and a
rainbow tie. I know that he had to go someplace but I don't know

Troy has been through a great deal and I now love him like a
brother. As I stood there looking at him, he looked like a fragile
piece of glassware...and I prayed then...though he didn't know it...
that God will hold him together...and that he won't shatter into a
million pieces.

He tries to stand strong and hide his vulnerability. I respect that.
But I will always be to him, what he has been to me: A friend in the
middle of storms.

God bless you, Troy. I'm sure that Old Joe is proud of you.

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