Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part One

It's hard to believe that I woke up in Pendleton, Oregon...this past
Sunday morning...and then closed my eyes in Lacey, Washington
on Sunday night...and then went up to Olympia...then down to Centralia...
back up to Olympia...and am now down south, on Tuesday night...in
little Raymond, Washington, tonight...typing this all out to you.

But it's true.

And so is the fact that a lady pastor, read my entire blog post, ("With
Unanimous Approval") to her congregation during last Sunday
morning's worship service. The lady padre wants a day shelter
established, for whoever needs it, in the City of Pendleton.

But she wants to operate the day shelter without any govern-
ment funding. Personally, I don't care who funds it...just as
long as it opens for the winter.

After church, the pastor drove me out to a travel center/truck
stop and dropped me off. I trudged down the on ramp to a
guardrail, sat down and put out my thumb.

Time passed, traffic whooshed by and the sun sank lower
and lower into the incoming cloud bank.

"Oh boy" I thought, with a sigh, "This doesn't look good."

The temperature dropped as the wind increased and I started
to shiver.

Then, all at once, a small, blue car pulled over and stopped.

A few minutes later, I was racing away, in the zippy blue car
with Troy and his big dog. Troy's dog decided that he liked
me after I gave him a piece of Slim Jim sausage and some

Troy told me that he was headed to Olympia, Washington but
he was going to travel down I-84 and then swing north. Then
it started to rain...so I started calling every community in the
radius that we were traveling through, searching for a warm
shelter where I could spend the night.

I didn't find one.

Troy, who resembles a cross between John Denver and
Tom Petty, agreed to take me up to Olympia. And so, after
some twists and turns, Troy's little blue car zipped across the
border into Washington State.

The dog settled down in the back seat, Troy drove and I sang
him songs. He said that I have a nice voice. And he knows
voices...and music...and theatre...from a professional

What I didn't know, at that point, was a story that has been
haunting Troy for months now. And I don't mind adding that
I don't believe for one second that the allegations are true. No,
I don't.

And if you are from Washington State, you might know who
Troy is. And if you know what I am referring to, then I want
to remind you that Troy was in possession of a used  computer
at the time that the story broke.

And a used computer can (if not "scrubbed" properly) contain
rogue, hidden files on its hard drive. So Troy could have
obtained that computer, with the now infamous files included,
and never, even known about it.

Plus, the computer wasn't even password-protected, which
means that anyone, with access to the computer, could have
downloaded those files onto his machine.

In any case, Troy has proven himself to be a man with a heart
of gold. He loves his dog, his home, his friends, his piano and
teaching music to his young students.

He didn't have to tell me about the events that transpired
earlier this year. And I probably wouldn't have known about
the situation, right away.

But Troy felt obligated to tell me. He looked me right in the
eye and spoke his peace. I believe that he is telling me the
truth, that he is totally innocent and that all of the allegations are
just lies.

But let's go back to the night that Troy and I met...

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