Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Three

We finally got me settled into a room at a local Super 8 motel. Troy, bless his heart, hugged me and we said goodbye to each other, again. Troy gave me enough money to take a series of buses back toward Oregon. But Monday was Veteran's Day and the shuttle buses only took me as far down the line as Centralia. Then I was left on my own, as the sun set, sitting on a metal bench in front of the downtown AmTrak station in Centralia, Washington.

It didn't take me long to realize that Centralia is loaded with pompous rednecks. I tried calling some area churches but I just got voicemail.

Then a man walked up to me and handed me a card with a woman's name on it. "Call her" he suggested, "Maybe she will help you."

So I called and it turns out that she is a little "pew-jumping" bitch. She brought me to an Assembly of God church building where I listened to a two-hour lecture about "love." The lecture included the words "Liberals", "bums" and "homosexuals." After the "Bible study" was over, the little redneck bitch brought me back to the bench in front of the train station, and left me there. As I climbed out of the van, she said "Well, at least I didn't charge you gas money."

Troy tried to call me when I was still at the church. So I called him back after I got back to the train station. And while I was talking to Troy, the man who had delivered the message at the church, pulled-up in his great big pickup truck. He got out of his tricked-out truck, walked over to me and asked me, "Do you know the Lord?" I wanted to slap him. But, I told him off, instead. Troy, on the other end of the phone, heard every word. The man drove away, I finished my conversation with Troy and then wrapped-up in the thin blanket that the bitch gave to me. It looked like it was going to be a long night.

So I called my friend, Juli and we talked for awhile. After that, I sat back on the bench and huddled in the blanket. The wind picked up and it started to rain, again. Then a familiar blue car pulled against the curb and stopped. The door opened and out stepped Troy. His dog bounded out and licked my hand. Troy handed me a very important book and $100 in cash. We talked for a few minutes and then Troy decided to take me to his home...back up in Olympia, Washington.


Anonymous said...

your, comma, placement, is, getting, out, of, hand,,, just, saying,,,,,,,,,,

Ruthie Rader said...

My comma placement matches my thoughts and how I express myself, as I write.

I write creatively...or creativly...or perhaps, creativelee...depending on my mood.

My comma placement is meant to encourage the reader to stop and think about what I am conveying.

It is not intended to appease an anal-retentive reader, who, apparently, has nothing better to do than count my commas.