Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Two

Troy initially dropped me off in front of the Salvation Army shelter
in Olympia, Washington. He pulled out my backpack, put it over on
the porch and turned around and hugged me, in the pouring rain.

We thought that would be our goodbye that night. We were wrong.

I walked into the shelter and then I was summarily turned back
out into the cold, rainy night. The two goons who were "running"
the shelter, that night, wouldn't let me stay because I didn't plan
to join their stupid "program."

So, I walked through the rain to a nearby "Jack In The Box"
restaurant and called Troy.

He drove his racy blue car back and picked me up. I petted his
dog as we discussed my options.

Troy decided to buy me a room at a nearby motel.

So we drove up the hilltop driveway and walked into the lobby
of the modest motel.

I was very happy to be getting a warm, safe space for the night.
I thought that it was wonderful that Troy was going to get it for

And then I got a look at the guy behind the desk.

He was a tall, Asian mix of some sort and he didn't smile. I took
in his vibe and in a split-second, I didn't like him.

He acted rude and then tried to charge Troy a substantial
room deposit, while I filled-out the check-in card.

Suddenly, Troy decided to take me somewhere else. I agreed and
then Troy took the check-in card and tore it in half. The young
desk man got angry and told Troy to give him the card back. Troy
ignored him, stuffed the torn paper in his jacket pocket and then
walked back out the door with me.

The gonzo Asian man waited for a beat and then charged out into
parking lot, yelling, "You give paper back, give paper back!"

Troy and I got into the car and then the enraged desk man started
pounding on Troy's driver-side window.

Troy put the car in drive and then realized that the bonkers motel
man had climbed onto the back of the car.


Troy had driven all day. He was tired and hungry and concerned
about me and he was in no mood for the young idiot's shenanigans.

"Get the hell off my car!" he shouted, and after punching the gas
pedal, he
sort of fishtailed his car, in a smooth effort to shake the crazy
guy off the back bumper.

It worked. The guy fell off, or rolled off or whatever. When we
looked back, the wild desk man was gone.

"I bet he won't try that, again", I quipped.

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