Friday, November 02, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

What happened?

Some of you might be wondering if Superstorm Sandy somehow blew ME away.

Nope, I'm still here...but I endured some long hours in some really nasty
weather during the past week.

And it never should have happened.

In a serious effort to find a safe, warm and reasonable (or affordable)
place to stay for the month of October...I traveled as far north as
Aberdeen,Washington and as far south as Corvallis, Oregon.

One of the first warming centers will not open in Oregon until
November 15. Until then, I will be left at the side of the road
unless someone intervenes.

I have been trying to stay in the background because I am mindful
of what many people are enduring, back East, right now.

But the logging truck drivers know where I've been as they have followed
my trail, up and down the Pacific Coast Highway.

They've seen me walking out of a resort hotel, scrunched-up under-
neath a thin, metallic emergency blanket and standing by a guard
rail, cold and shivering in the pouring rain.

I have been adored and ignored by people in shelters, churches and
on the road. I have been exposed to coughing, sneezing, drunks,
drug addicts, bitterness, bigotry, whiners and the woeful.

And I have endured.

At times I felt the icy wetness seep into my bones and other times I
curled-up under a warm blanket with a contented sigh.

In the midst of the struggle, my laptop was damaged and now  I will
have to buy a new one.

Tonight, I am using it, such as it is, and I grateful that it is still
somewhat usable. Yes, I am grateful. Because, despite everything,
I still am a blessed woman.

My friends remind me of that fact, all the time.

Terrible pictures are playing across the TV screen as I type this,
images of destruction that nothing that happened on 9/11 could match.

I think back on my experience in New York State, earlier this
year. And although I can't stop the cold rain from falling here,
I sincerely pray that beautiful and merciful blessings will rain
down on everyone affected by the Superstorm.

I know that all of you folks won't give up. I won't either.

Faith will stay strong in all of us...from the West Coast to the


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