Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Yes, I am currently in Corvallis, Oregon. And I will be staying here until the end of next week.
Then, I will be heading for another part of the State. ( I will explain why, later.)

I am presently spending my nights in a "winter, warming shelter"...which is connected
to a church building. It is great because it includes a comfy bed, covered with sheets,
blankets, a big, comfy quilt and two pillows. We have access to a microwave and a
small refrigerator, too. Food is available there, along with a small dining area, wi-fi and
all the hand sanitizer that anyone could possibly want.

What the warming shelter doesn't include is a standard bathroom. We have to use a
porta-potty...that is located outside. We don't have a bathroom sink or any way to
shower, there, either. I am forced to walk through the cold rain to pee and to stand in the
cold rain when I brush my teeth. I think the decision to leave us ( the shelter is only
for women) there without traditional facilities is wrong. And I sent out some email on
Sunday and said so.

I am fortunate that I know someone here in Corvallis, who has opened her bathroom
and washer/dryer to me. Otherwise, as the days passed, I would rapidly be moving to
"funky town."

But that isn't the only negative thing that we've had to put up with. Oh no...

When I first walked into the shelter, the other night, I was greeted with the news that
a man, dressed up like a woman, with all of his "male parts", was going to be staying
with us, too.



The person has turned-out to be a wacko who actually, (we have seen the evidence)
likes women. So, he/she/it conned everyone into letting he/she/it into our shelter. Since
then it has been a repeat performance of a "Male Pervert Behaving Badly."

And most of us are now, totally, fed-up with that asshole's shenanigans. I know that
I am!

I don't know if that person is going to try to stay at the shelter, tonight. But if the
"Powers-That-Be" own any working brain cells, they will boot that jerk right back
out, again.

I'll keep you posted.

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