Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Taking It To A Louder Level, Troy!!!

An anonymous person (in this case, a pathetic coward) sent me a comment this afternoon. Here
it is: "
This post is completely inappropriate. Many of Troy's students know him personally and know what kind of person he is. Please delete it and don't speak of things that you don't know about, nor things that don't concern you."


"Delete it?!!" Oh, no, you idiot, I'm just getting started!

So you say that some of his students, know Troy ""Find-The-Porn-Fast" Fisher, personally?

How personally do they know him?

I know what kind of car Troy Fisher drives. I know where he lives, the floor plan of his
residence, his phone number, his email address, how big his piano is and what he looked like
when he was a kid.

I even know how he acquired his dog (who I now feel very sorry for). Poor puppy,
 stuck with the likes of Troy Fisher.

I know that Troy Fisher is set to return to court on December 31, 2012 and that
his trial will start on February 5 of 2013.

I also know that Troy Fisher is a lying sex-addict with a penchant for naked children.

His first strike was his home computer (but that wasn't enough for him). His second strike
was a computer at his work (which only lasted for awhile) and when even MORE PORN was
found on yet another computer at the playhouse...well, oh my goodness, Troy Fisher just
knocked his secret sins out of the porno park!!!

Now Troy Fisher can't even be around children...not no way, not no how.

And you say that I don't know anything about what is going on?


I know that you are fishing for a specific response. And while that last sentence
might shock you, it wouldn't...if you really knew ME!

Believe it when I say that: The cops aren't going to stop, the prosecution won't
stop, the media won't stop and I won't stop, either.

Unless Troy Fisher stops lying.

Oh, those poor Latter Day Saints, I BET THEY'RE HAVING A FIELD DAY WITH THIS,

Aren't they, Troy?

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