Monday, December 03, 2012

Open Letter To Troy Fisher

An Open Letter To Troy Fisher:

You broke my heart. You made me cry. You betrayed
my trust in you. And you made an ugly mockery of a
friendship that had barely had time to bloom.

I found the copies of the investigation/evidence documents
in the online edition of the Seattle Weekly. The
descriptions of the photographs, found on your computer,
are so bad, that I only read through a few before I left that

The article in the Seattle Weekly states
 that over 100 pornographic images of
children, some with adults, were found on your personal
computer. More of the same were found on several
computers that you used at your work.

How could you look at children that way, Troy? HOW?

And why, oh, why did you  lie to me?

You have a problem, Troy. A sinister, horrible addiction
and it's time for you to crawl out from behind your
attorney...and face that fact.

No slick argument about Miranda rights will erase what you did.
And it won't fix what is wrong with you, now,

You owe all of those children an apology. You owe me a decent
friendship. And you owe God the rest of your every day, the
right way, for Him.

I left the quilt behind in Corvallis and took a bus to where I am
now: Hood River, Oregon.

And tonight, as I sit on a high hill, looking out the window of this motel
room, I can see a Christmas tree on another hill, across the Gorge. And
I say a prayer that you will somehow become the man that you should
be.  And if and when you do, I hope that you will bring something real
and good back to me....and to the rest of the world.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ruthie, I know full-well the feeling of surprise and shock of being betrayed by someone you liked and trusted. But for something like this to happen to you, a seasoned pro in judging character from so many years on the road, it must have been much devastating. You and I are in very different places in life and I truly do admire you and your courage. You have such a gift in capturing images and in telling us your thoughts on so many different topics. I sincerely hope your life will continue to be interesting but also smooth sailing from now on.

Ruth Rader said...

I was misled and I assume that Troy will try to do everything that he can to weasel out of justice, even when he walks back into court, soon.

He is, to me now, a disgraceful waste of a human being.

Shame on him.