Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Peace Where It Isn't Possible

Before I get to my road update, I want to take care of some business here, first.

That little video, above, was recorded on a cold morning in December when I was still
in Hood River, Oregon.

Yeah, I was doing my best to hang in there...or hang out, there...but eventually, the good
intentions fell apart. What bothers me the most about the whole experience is just how quickly
it all fell apart and slipped into the quagmire. I mean, when it started skidding, it slid into some people's mindset, very fast.

I came to Hood River with the intention of staying in the warming center (which is really
a sort of mobile caravan that travels from church building to church building, every week,
during the winter months.)

And I sent a detailed email to Andy, explaining my intentions, before I ever set foot in
the first church building on the circuit.

Andy sent me an email back...yeah, good ol'  honest, reliable, responsible Andy...and
informed me that I would be "happy, knowing that this year, the problem of drunkenness" was
being "properly dealt with."


If anything, the drinking is heavier this year and much more prevalent. (I stayed a few weeks
at the end of the season, in Hood River, last year. I hoped that this season,  the problems
would be greatly diminished.)

Filthy people came into the makeshift shelters in each church and they were, for the most part: Obnoxious, rude, thieving and drunk. And I was ticked-off that I had to spend more than a minute
in their boozy company.

As the days went by, I did my best to reach out to the Hood River community. And I
tried to keep a good thought.

But every night, when I returned to the shelter, I had to deal with the drunks, again. One
evening, a guy was so loaded that he actually tripped and fell on me! Another guy hit me
hard, in the arm, with a snowball. It left a mark. And I was not interacting with him nor
engaging in any kind if snow activity at that time. I was just sitting on the porch, waiting
to get inside the building. I was flipped-off, ripped-off and had smoke blown in my face.

And nobody cared.

One night, after tolerating more than I ever should have, I packed up what I decided was worth taking
and left the shelter.

And I, in no way, feel that grubby, drunk, obnoxious, hateful, irresponsible, slovenly and overgrown
whiners should be catered to like they are in Hood River. Those people shouldn't toss their rotten behavior around in a House of God. And they shouldn't be allowed take my peace away.

I hope that you eventually find yourself stuck in the company of those kind of people, Alan and Andy. And when you look at them, I hope that you shiver when you suddenly see yourself.

You are leading those rotten individuals down a bad, blind path. In 2013, God will continue to show
ME the right road out.

I guarantee that the road that I walk on will roll-out in the opposite direction. And it will always lead me far away from you.

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