Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Internet: All Grown Up And Free?



I wonder what John Lennon would say about this?

He'd probably give one of his famous wry looks and say, "Here we go again, Luv."

I am so disgusted with this latest development.

But there are questions, attached to this week's closed door meetings.
Because the Internet, as it stands now, is much more than just another
medium where merchants conduct business.

It is a part of the world.

It is the Russian Federation, who leave their tracks on my blog. It is
music in my ears and eye-candy in my brain. It's watching a man
as he drops 24 miles from Space, back to Earth. It's listening to our
President as he delivers an important speech. It's learning how to
play piano, fix a car or bake a great holiday pie. It's tracking weather,
waving at a new baby on Skype, sharing a heartfelt poem or a strong

The Internet is like a gun: It is used for both good and bad
reasons. It is a crime-fighting tool and it is used to perpetuate criminal
activity. And like guns, it should never be banned.

The Internet is, above all else, an open form of free communication. And
communication is the beginning of understanding. When governments,
religious zealots and political poobahs begin shutting the Internet's
many doors...that's when a part of our collective freedom is shut down,

I hate pedophilia and I am against treason or anything that will undermine
the security of my Country. There are valid reasons why pedophilia and
treason are prohibited in the United States of America.

Do you agree with me?

I have no use for propaganda, dictators, bitter stereotypical thinking and
animal cruelty.

Do you feel like I do?

But I also have a big marijuana leaf on my blog, too.

Do you believe that I should keep it there?

The International Telecommunications Union (whose name is a
misnomer, if I ever heard one) has no business telling me who I
can chat with in another country. I don't want a closed-door group
deciding what news I can have access to, in any country in the
world. I don't want a limited choice of international, online goods
and services...just because I live in the U.S.A. The Internet has a
global reach and I believe that it should stay that way.

This is my Internet, too, damn it!

And I have been online since 1993. At this point in the Internet's
existence, nobody is going to slap a bunch of  bad-agenda
constraints on the Web...if I have anything to say about it. And I
have the right to say something about it!

That's the whole point here, isn't it?

Do you agree with me?

The Internet: How should our grown cyber-child now behave?

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