Sunday, December 02, 2012

Troy Fisher: The Cover Is Coming Off



Some of you may remember me posting about a man that I met a few weeks ago, named
Troy. He picked me up when I was hitchhiking from Pendleton to the West Coast of

Troy was very kind to me. In fact, he has been nothing but a terrific friend to me.

He  drove me through the rain to Olympia, Washington, when we discovered
that there was nowhere else for me to stay one night. He paid for a motel room,
he fed me, he came and got me when I got stranded again in the small town city of
Centralia, Washington. He drove me back to his home in Olympia, without
hesitation, kept me there overnight, gave me $100 and left me at the
local transit station.
Troy sent me encouraging emails and text messages, too. And he gave
me a beautiful, soft quilt.

What I didn't realize at the time was how much of a monster Troy Fisher
really is.

He lied to me and led me to believe that he was in possession of a computer
that had once been owned by someone else. He said that there were only "a
few images" on the computer and that he had been set-up.

Troy Fisher, the guy who swore that he had my best interests, at heart, when
he handed me his personal copy of the "Book Of Mormon"...who said that
he was my friend, told me that I have a beautiful singing voice and hugged
me like a brother, when we said our last goodbye in Olympia, Washington...
looked me straight in the eye and lied.

Now I want to know the TRUTH...ALL OF IT.


Troy, you told me that you know and care about God. You told me
that you value my friendship. You said that you are just a simple guy
with a sweet dog.

I gave you my trust. Now I want the truth from you.

Like Nathan in front of  King David, I am stretching my arm out and
pointing my finger at you, and asking: "TELL ME WHAT MANNER

In the arena that I come from, (which should be obvious from reading
my blog) people like you are crushed and kicked into the pit of hell.

I don't know if your kindness to me was a disgraceful attempt to
absolve yourself...for the evil that you've done to others...but it didn't
work. And it never will.

You are a very bad person, Troy and now I am wondering just how 
much evil you have perpetrated when you thought that God wasn't

What you did with those images was bad enough. But I wonder if
you stopped there. I want to know if you acted on your perverse
impulses. I want to know if you actually hurt a child.

At this point, I believe that you are worthy of a comprehensive,
Federal investigation.

It's time to uncover the whole truth, Troy...about every perverse
thing that you've done.

God knows what you are guilty of. Now it's time to confess to me
and everyone else. Don't bother hiding behind your lawyer, either.
It won't work. You'll never hide behind an attorney.

And you won't hide your sins underneath a beautiful quilt, either.


Anonymous said...

Thank God you're alright Ruthie. What a horrible sensation to be betrayed by someone you liked and trusted. Stay safe.

Ruth Rader said...

Yes, it is a shock but now I am wondering just how deep his insanity goes.

I wonder if he is responsible for any pedophile acts against children.

And to think that I slept in that guy's home.

-Shaking my head-

jd cello said...

You were shown such kindness, empathy and love without any type of reciprocation needed by Troy, yet you condemn him without a moments notice. Do you understand that the order of the law is 1. Charged, 2. Tried and finally 3. Convicted. We are still on number 1 in this case. You claim to be a person who is spiritual or dare I say "Christian" and I ask you: Judge not lest ye be Judged. Or: He who is without sin be the first to cast the stone? You are a hypocrite and need to take a real look at what you say initially without thinking of the whole picture. You condemn this man within two meetings. I have known him for four years. The truth always is the first thing that comes from him. I have never had him lie to anyone and for you to call him a liar and a monster is uncalled for and inappropriate. In my opinion madam, you are the monster who condemns this man with just a story in a newspaper. I guarantee you that there is so much more to than the story than you know and you would be wise to just let the system happen and if he is convicted, then you can rant and rave all you like. But he is innocent and proven guilty and you would do well to be reminded of that.
A friend of Troy.

Ruth Rader said...

I am going to post a response to your ignorance. The next post in my blog will be directed at you, fool.

Anonymous said...

I do not know Troy Fisher, and I do not believe he is innocent of having child porn.
BUT, he is not black and white. Meaning he is not all evil or all good either. Reading this I see that he has done a lot for you, and for many and appears to be a selfless person.
He is also someone who has a problem. (Yes I do think possessing child porn is just as bad as making porn, because the viewer is creating a market, without a market child porn would not exist.)
Is he a danger to children? Probably not. or Probably so. I think its a far leap from viewing porn, to acting out. Would I allow my child to take music/acting lessons with him? Sure, as long as I or another adult unrelated to Troy is there. (Which is what I reuqire of all adults who are around my child)
Troy does not need hatred. He does not need to be coddled either. He needs prayer, help, and friends. He is being shown unconditional love by those around him. Now he needs help for himself, and I hope he gets it. He does not need people bashing him online. He does not need people hunting him down with torches and pitchforks. He needs help. Nothing more. This type of hatred is toxic, and damaging, and causes more harm than good. If he was a friend to you, and treated you so well, that is something to remember. Be there for him in his darkest hour. -No you don't have to believe him, but encourage him to do what is right.

Ruth Rader said...

What a crock of crap!

From Wikipedia: "Child pornography is commonly collected by pedophiles who use the images for a variety of purposes, ranging from private sexual uses, trading with other pedophiles, preparing children for sexual abuse as part of the child grooming process, or enticement leading to entrapment for sexual exploitation such as production of new child pornography or child prostitution.[70][71][72]

Pedophile viewers of child pornography are often obsessive about collecting, organizing, categorizing, and labeling their child pornography collection according to age, gender, sex act and fantasy.[73][74] According to FBI agent Ken Lanning, "collecting" pornography does not mean that they merely view pornography, but that they save it, and "it comes to define, fuel, and validate their most cherished sexual fantasies". An extensive collection indicates a strong sexual preference for children and the owned collection is the single best indicator of what he or she wants to do.[74] Researchers Taylor and Quayle reported that pedophile collectors of child pornography are often involved in anonymous internet communities dedicated to extending their collections.[75] Pedophile online community bulletin boards (such as the defunct Dreamboard, taken down in Operation Delego), often include technical advice regarding encryption and other measures from experienced child pornographers to assist new perpetrators from detection from law enforcement.[74]"

To say that Troy Fisher is mentally ill, is obvious. To say that he has the potential to be dangerous to children, is also very evident. And to say that he has made an effort to encourage and represent a terrible segment of society, is also true.

Yes, it's true.

Which is more than I can say for the crap that you just sent to me.

Anonymous said...

Your source that you cite is wikipedia. Not a reliable one. In addition to that, what is said there is about pedophiles who view child porn. Not all child porn viewers are pedophiles. Not all pedophiles view child porn. One can and does exist without the other.

Ruth Rader said...

Anonymous...It has taken me a while to respond to your last comment. This is do to the illness that I dealt with (and am through, now, thank God) and the fact that I have been on the road (today, I am sending this from the small town city of Lone Pine, California).

I am catching up on some of my overdue business on the Internet, today.

And I would like to respond to your last comment, now.

First of all, I would like to point out that I did NOT publish your comment because I agree with you. Far from it!

I published your comment because it opened the door to the response that I am going to give you, now:

Since when has Wikipedia adopted the reputation of being an "unreliable" source?

And you stated that, " Not all child porn viewers are pedophiles. Not all pedophiles view child porn."

My question to you, now is: How do YOU know that?

My second question is: What makes YOU such a valid, accurate source?

And you also stated that, "Not all child porn viewers are pedophiles."


I believe that a pervert is a pervert is a pervert whether that perv acts on his impulses or not.

There is something terribly wrong with a man who views that stuff. He's sick. And it is a proven fact that sick people end up doing sick things.

The viewing is the precursor to the doing.

That's why I am convinced that if it wasn't for the viewing of child porn, Troy Fisher would be out...among the kids...acting on his interests.

Sooner or later, the viewing will cease to be enough for Fisher. Let's hope that it isn't YOUR kid that is in Fisher's sight, when that happens.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you get me. I agree Troy is a sick individual. The kiddie porn stash proves that.

Wikipedia is an online source that can be edited by anyone.

Peer reviewed scholarly journals have been written about child porn vs molestation. They can exist together or alone. They have not been able to prove that viewing child porn causes one to molest. Most pedophiles molest before ever viewing child porn. Yet there is still a population of people who view child porn and have not molested anyone. Troy may or may not be a member of that group.

The only way at this point for Troy to get help is if a friend of his encourages him to do what is right. Otherwise, he will stay with his demons, and nothing will be accomplished from this investigation. Which is as it stands now.

Ruth Rader said...

Ohhhh no,you don't.

Uh uh.

You can take your "peer reviewed scholarly journals" and stick them down the hole in the Portland, Oregon public loo, buddy!

And don't try to whitewash the wrong by referring to obscene photos of children involved in bad acts as "kiddie porn."

Call it what it actually is: Sick, Perverse, Insane, Dangerous, A Mortal Sin and a Criminal Offense.

And as far as your statement that, "They have not been able to prove that viewing child porn causes one to molest."

Who are "They"?

Then you claim,"Most pedophiles molest before ever viewing child porn."

According to whom??

You further state that, "Yet there is still a population of people who view child porn and have not molested anyone."

How do YOU know???

Why do YOU care???

Troy Fisher needs to be treated like he has been treating those images of children. And I'm not
talking about getting more TP
for his bunghole,either.

As for the investigation, (which
is what you're really concerned
about, aren't you?) it will
continue. And it will until the
perverts get tired of laying low
and the case splits wide open.

Anonymous said...

I too have known Troy in the past, been involved with theatrical productions that he musically directed and can say openly without a doubt or hesitation that Troy is guilty. It was a technicality that let him off and he has been replaced at Capital Playhouse along with that other vile individual Jeff Kingsbury.
It's not justice...not by a long shot. I somehow know though that him being denied quite as much access to children as he use to have is a punishment that will continue to gnaw at his soul.
To all those that want to try to cast doubt your way? They don't know Troy, you and I DO. That Child Pornography didn't end up on his computer by accident either...all 150 images? But again, the worst punishment that he can experience is to have his "stage" reduced by shinning that big white spot-light down on all his past misdeeds. I don't have to judge him, God has already taken care of that.

Ruth Rader said...

Thank you for your comment. You just made my day.