Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Troy Fisher: Living A Lie And We're Asking Why


There is a saying, that declares that "The TRUTH will set you free."

Well, in the case of "Pervert Troy Fisher vs. The Truth", innocence will be only be aquired
through a lie. And if Troy Fisher walks away from what he did as a "free" man, he will
still walk headlong into that same lie. Because the truth is, he's guilty.

I am disappointed but not surprised that Troy entered a plea of "innocent."

After all, it's been much easier for him to be a predator-voyeaur than to admit his
guilt after he was caught.

And I know that Troy Fisher's "missing days" didn't happen by accident. I believe that God
saw just how rotten Fisher was becoming and decided to do something to stop it. Maybe not
so much for Fisher's well being. Maybe God decided to protect some children...or maybe...

I am going to continue to follow the developments in this case. And you are welcome to throw-in your two cents, if you want to.

After all, according to my tracker, a great many people are reading my posts about
this situation.


Anonymous said...

This post is completely inappropriate. Many of Troy's students know him personally and know what kind of person he is. Please delete it and don't speak of things that you don't know about, nor things that don't concern you.

Ruth Rader said...

Read my response to your comment in my next post, moron.