Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Troy Fisher: The Mess In The Mirror

It appears that a deranged individual has developed an obsessive interest in what I am
writing about the porno putz, Troy Fisher.

Yesterday, I received yet another anonymous comment:

You seem to be Homophobic and angry and this post is slanderous towards Troy and that is Illegal. You have gone way too far with your post by saying you know where he lives and what car he drives and the layout of his house and that he lives and it feels like you are trying to have Troy hurt or even Killed and that is not legal either."

Since the wingnut is being so persistent, let's take this latest comment, stupid phrase at a time:

1.) "You seem to be..." It is not illegal to "seem" to be anything. Either one is
      proven to be something or one isn't.

2.) You have accused me of being "Homophobic." You are wrong. I am
      "Troymautized." Which is the condition that develops after reading
      documents that describe what Troy Fisher looked at, online.

3.)  You claim that I am "angry." Yes, to an extent I am. This is because I
       don't like being lied to or finding out that a grown man drools over
       images of naked children that he collects on the Internet.

4.)  I have not "slandered" Troy Fisher. He has made his own bed and now
       he will lie...I mean...lay in it. I suggest that Troy arranges an up-close-
       and-personal, consultation with a mirror. He will then, hopefully,
       realize that, besides his attorney, Troy Fisher is truly his own, worst,

5.) I am perfectly within my rights to declare that I know where Troy
      lives, etc. Troy voluntarily invited me into his world. The postal carrier, at least one pizza
      delivery person and the Olympia Registrar of Deeds probably have the same information that I 
      mentioned. But I don't believe that they want to kill Troy Fisher any more than I do.

       I detest Troy Fisher. He is a pitiful example of an adult...which explains why he prefers to
       hang-out with children.

       By the way, the same hand that passed a "Book Of Mormon" to me is the
       same hand that pointed a computer browser to pornography. By his own
       admission, Troy Fisher looked at porn on the Internet, on a regular basis.

      I wonder what the Latter Day Saints have to say about that?

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