Monday, December 10, 2012

Troy Fisher: A Pedophile Into The Black


I received  a comment from a very stupid person, yesterday. And I am calling the person "stupid"
because the person may as well have verbally shot Troy in the ass as sent that post to me.

I am not sure if Troy actually wrote the comment himself or if those words were sent by Troy's

But, in either case, nobody as dumb as that individual should ever attempt to "stick-up" for
someone that they consider to be their friend. I mean, really.

Now, about the content of the comment:

You're aren't fooling anyone but yourself. Truly.

Troy Fisher is guilty.  He isn't a little bit guilty. He isn't half-guilty. He isn't even in the middle or sideline guilty. He's just guilty. Period.

He has reasons for his guilt, but he has no excuse.

Troy Fisher is a pervert who, instead of filling other people's lives with good things, decided
to fill his own mind with the worst kind of garbage.

He didn't just go after an adult perversion, Troy Fisher, of Olympia, Washington, went after
innocent children. It isn't Troy Fisher who is, in any way, innocent...every child in every ugly
photo on Troy's personal and work computer, is.

And there is no excuse for what Troy has done wrong.  There never will be.

I am surprised that Troy isn't in a hospital psych-ward, right now, on a round-the-clock
suicide watch. If Troy Fisher had a shred of decency left within himself, he'd be totally
mortified, right now. But he isn't.

That's because he gave up any goodness that he had within himself, a long black
time ago.

All of the corruption that is inside of Troy Fisher now, along with every bad image
on his personal and work computer's hard drive, is the result of Troy's horrible deal
with the devil.

And now...the perversion in Troy is so pervasive...that it can't be hidden, anymore.

I have focused quite bit of attention, over the years, on children who have gone
missing. Most if not all of those children have met their fate as a result of pedophilia.
Make no mistake, that disease is everywhere.

That is why the F.B.I. and other agencies are going after the perpetrators, now.  All
of them. Every. Single. Rotten. One.

According to a number of sources, the images that Troy Fisher collected and looked
at, on a regular basis, are classified as hardcore. And now, instead of feeling any kind
of remorse, Troy is leaning on legal loopholes.

Meanwhile, the holes in his soul are growing bigger and bigger. God has now turned
His face away from the man who let go of God's hand. There is nothing left, from God,
for Troy to stand on.

The children in the images, on Troy's computers, in the Seattle Weekly and listed
on legal documents...are Troy Fisher's true foundation, now.

But they will never save his soul. At this point, nothing will...except Troy Fisher's
own confession.

Heed MY WORDS, you blind fool.

It's too bad that I won't be able to stand up, in the courtroom, tomorrow, look Troy
Fisher straight in the eye, and tell him these words, myself.

I know darn well that if I did get to words of  truth would cut Troy Fisher's
defenses down to nothing.


Anonymous said...

You seem to be Homophobic and angry and this post is slanderous towards Troy and that is Illegal. You have gone way too far with your post by saying you know where he lives and what car he drives and the layout of his house and that he lives and it feels like you are trying to have Troy hurt or even Killed and that is not legal either.

Ruth Rader said...

To the writer of anonymous horseshit: Read my next post to you and then go enroll in a real journalism class.