Saturday, December 29, 2012

Troy Fisher: Won't Keep His Crime Quiet

" But in reality, he's only a bottom-fold, backpage, pissant pervert
   that nobody cares about and won't even notice until his "trial" comes around in


On December 13, I published my last post about TROY FISHER. And I ended that particular
post with these words:

"Right now, I want to get back to Christmas and everything that is good about this time of the year.

There will be time enough to look back into Troy Fisher's sewer of a February."

The next day, I re-focused my attention on the tragic slaughter of adults and all of those innocent
children in Newtown, Connecticut. I haven't posted a thing about Fisher, since.

Not a word.

But I will now.


This is because someone sent me this comment yesterday:

 "You are absolutely pathetic. If you are so disgusted by this situation, why are you following it so closely and just making yourself even angrier. Everything that you say has absolutely no merit, so please stop wasting your own time and give it a rest."

First of all, let me remind you, oh person who is too much of a coward to sign his own name,
what pathetic REALLY IS:


This sick liar, dressed in jail blues...with his hair all messed-up and a stupid look on his the real pathetic person, here.

I believe that Troy Fisher, himself, posted that comment. And I think that he did it for
any of these wrong reasons:

1.) My words and depictions of him are starting to circulate farther out on the Internet. And
     my honest appraisal of Fisher is starting to rattle his attorney.

2.) I am, despite these latest comments to the contrary, dead on in my description and
     downgrading of Troy Fisher. He's an asshole. And the pornography that was found on
     the computers that he used is so bad that I won't share the descriptions of it, that were made
     public on Seattle Weekly's blog, here. And to this day, the Seattle Weekly stands by its
     documentation and has never printed a retraction.
     Fisher doesn't like that type of thing floating around in the media pool. It could damage
     what is barely left of his "credibility"...for a very long time to come. I haven't re-printed
      what the Seattle Weekly published, but I have written about it more than once and pointed
     an arrow in the direction of where it can easily be found.
     As long as that arrow continues to exist, Troy Fisher has one less rock to hide under.

3.) In his wrecked-up mind, Fisher suffers from delusions of grandeur that have never
     materialized into reality.  Troy Fisher fancies himself becoming a noteworthy
     celebrity...eventually. But in reality, he's only a bottom-fold, backpage, pissant per-
     vert that nobody cares about and won't even notice until his "trial" comes around in

     And that bothers Fisher.

     Because now, for the time being, he's back to being a nobody, who, by court order,
     can't even sit next to a child...any child. Yeah, right now Fisher is just a yawn and then
     he's gone from a reader's mind.

     And Troy Fisher can't stand to be ignored.

     So while the Country has been dealing with the deaths of many children in Connecticut,
     Fisher's flame of fame has all but flickered out. And Troy Fisher is now just left to think about
     all of the corrupt and creepy things that he's done.

     And if he concentrates on that for too long, he might just start to feel guilty. And that
     would send his corroded conscience spinning off into, what Fisher would consider now to be:
     A dangerously wrong direction.

     And Fisher would much rather "pay close attention" to his nit-sized notoriety. After all,
     bad soup in his pot is better than no special soup at all.

     Isn't that right, Troy?

     I hope you gag on your last spoonful.


Anonymous said...

First of all, Troy isn't allowed access to a computer, so he couldn't have posted that comment. I'm one of Troy's students and I think that you really need to get your story straight, or better yet stop posting at all. If you think that picture of Troy is pathetic, please look at the picture you have posted of yourself. Furthermore, I would like to know your connection to Troy that gives you what you think is the right to be posting such hate speech about him. If you want to spread a message, it may be a bit more effective if you have an unbiased opinion. Maybe then people wouldn't think you were such a cruel-hearted, cold person. So please, stop posting these crude and inappropriate, slanderous posts about something that you have no idea about other than what is being said on the internet.

Ruth Rader said...

How old are you?

Are you advanced enough in age to realize, that the prosecution helped to initiate this case because Troy Fisher is guilty of collecting and possessing child pornography?

Do you understand...the words...that have come out...of the Court?!

No decent, well-adjusted, concerned parents would ever want an adult guy who looks at pornography on a daily basis (at home and at his work) to have anything to do with teaching their kid!!

You want me to take a National poll to prove it?

Troy Fisher is a sick freak with some very strange lapses in memory and some even weirder lapses in judgement.

My "opinion" is based on evidence that has been submitted to the Court and is now, officially recognized as such.

Maybe if Troy Fisher stopped thinking with the wrong part of his anatomy, people wouldn't consider him to be such a dick.

I have every intention of posting any pertinent, new information about Troy Fisher's case. But I won't respond to any more comments, here. Unless the comment comes from someone who realizes why Fisher has to stay away from children and why he is facing a court date on February 5.