Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aaron Swartz: A Big Shout And A Short Life

The following comment, written by me,  was originally posted on the CBS NEWS website:
"Wellllll...dogies" as Jed Clampett used to say, "Lookee what
we got goin' on here."

There's two sides to many stories, but this one includes the
loss of a human life.

I admire Anonymous, I really do. For several reasons. But I
have read so many conflicting articles, accounts and feedback about
this situation, that I'm not sure where the bottom line of truth really is

But I would trust Anonymous before I would trust certain
parts of the Federal Government, every day of the week and
twice on Sunday.

I am a devoted Citizen. But my birthright was all but
ignored, recently, when I renewed my ID card.
And that really ticked me off.

I have had a good life and I've been fortunate enough
to have spent time in many parts of the Country. I know
my Country well but does the Federal Government know or
even care about ME, anymore?

Since Anonymous was compelled to wreak havoc on Federal
websites...perhaps they know more about what went on with
Aaron Swartz they are not sharing, yet. But I still have questions:

Why did Mr.Swartz feel that suicide was his only "way

It appears that Mr. Swartz didn't feel confident enough,
in his relationship with Anonymous, to avoid taking his
own life.

Why is that?

Hacking into a Federal website is all fine and dandy as
sugar candy but why wasn't Anonymous able to reach out and
save their obviously distraught, "brother in arms"??

Look, Anonymous...if you read this, please understand why
I am posting this comment. I am not asking these
questions as a challenge. I am asking because I believe
that your answers, to the American Public, will help
your cause.


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