Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update

It has been quite a journey from Corvallis, Oregon to the warming center in Hood River, Oregon to an even smaller "warming" space at The Dalles, Oregon. I left the farce of a warming center in Hood River, one night and walked down to the eastbound ramp onto Interstate 84. I never
looked back.

I traveled to Mountain Home and Pocatello, Idaho and battled the snow, illness and the cold. I gave a  black curse to the sleazeball trucker that I abandoned at a rest area outside of Boise, Idaho. I leveled the same condemnation on the shelter staff who didn't open the door to me on a very cold night in Pocatello, Idaho.

A sincere thank you to to the couple at the truck stop, who drove me through an evening snowstorm to Mountain Home, Idaho. Another thank you to the padre who kept me out of the cold for a couple of days in that same city. Thank you, also to the folks who contributed to my bus fund and made sure that I got safely to Pocatello, Idaho. Thank you so much to the emergency room staff at the hospital in Mountain Home and Pocatello, Idaho. They helped me through a health crisis and also helped me find some time and space to stay warm and get some rest. Thank you to the senior center in Pocatello for putting me on the bus to Ogden, Utah. Thank you to Belinda for dinner, her prayer and for helping me to get to Salt Lake City.

I proclaim another black curse on whoever stole my phone charger, my Walkman radio and my headphones.

I now have a brand new laptop, a new phone charger, a new Walkman and new headphones.

A disgusted shake of my head at the disgraceful mess that is the shelter in downtown Salt Lake City. Isn't it about time that Salt Lake City cleaned up that train wreck?

A very grateful thank you to Karen and Lisa, who showed me the best side of hospitality in Sandy and Provo, Utah. Thank you for your bathtub, couch, bean soup and insight, Karen. And I look forward to waving from the window soon, Lisa...God bless you.

Happy New Year, Everyone!


lisa ann said...

And this my friend is what its all about<3
P.S. You made me cry....Again hahahaha mwah!

Karen said...

The door is always open Ruthie really enjoyed your company.