Friday, January 25, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Today was a quiet and yet, a bit unusual of a day. And after spending Christmas in Mountain Home, Idaho and opening the New Year in Sandy, Utah and then returning to Oregon, I was in need of a break.

So I spent this past week, holed-up in this motel and managed to do as little as possible. Yeehaw.
Tomorrow I will return to the "real world" which includes the library, the church and the local warming station.

I will remain in this community until late next week. Then I will board a bus and begin my journey back to Utah. I am going to visit a friend of mine down there before I take off toward Colorado.

I received some good news today: My long-awaited, updated and shiny new ID card will be in my hand on Saturday. That will complete the list of things that I had to do before taking off, again.

I also got an unexpected phone call from a reporter, who is apparently working on a story. (No, really?)  Duh, yeah.

Anyway, he contacted me in response to an email that I sent to his publication, quite some time ago. (Some of you know how I feel about reporters)
He is an INVESTIGATIVE reporter, no less. So I checked him out, online.

He is most definitely a highly-qualified journalist. And I am as stubborn as a fly at a window screen.


Yeah, today was all about phone calls. Even that one from Grants Pass. (Do you have something to tell me, D and D?)

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