Saturday, January 05, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update


I spent quite a bit of time on the road, from Christmas Eve up until last night. I snapped the photo (above) when I was sitting behind the driver on a westbound bus in Idaho. (What?! "Westbound"?? Just where are you now, Ruthie?) Wouldn't you like to know? *Smile*

I like that photo so much that I didn't even try to edit it. It's one of the very few shots that I've ever
taken that I like just the way it is.

It's been quite an adventure, scooting around Utah.

I especially enjoyed eating biscuits and gravy while in my bare feet and jammies at Karen's house in Sandy, Utah. I also loved my mini-vacation at the Super 8 (which I highly recommend) in South Jordan, Utah. The room included a big, comfy, overstuffed rocker and a very nice flatscreen, refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot and other perks for a reasonable  price. It is a hotel with interior corridors that are great to use when doing laundry.

I left the hotel yesterday with my friend Lisa, who lives with her family in Provo, Utah. We made a mad dash through the morning rush hour traffic to make it to the first bus on time, in downtown Salt Lake City. In the middle of everything, Lisa stopped for gas and then the darn pump quit. After a few crazy minutes, she got her rig fueled and brought me to the front door of the bus, right on time.

It was just too cold to hitchhike, yesterday! So I rode buses back through Ogden, Utah to Pocatello and Mountain Home, Idaho to...well...where I am now.

And now, today is all about thanking my friends, Karen and Lisa, for everything. You both are superwomen in your own right. I'm very thankful that I met you both.

Yeah, yer not too bad for a couple of jack mormons. ;-)


lisa ann said...

Ahhahaha!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Correction though dear, Im a "Jill" mormon ;) miss you, mwah!

Ruth Rader said...

@u@ Oh My God! Wait'll I tell the Elders! LOL!

Karen said...

Truly enjoyed our visit and always know you're welcome anytime. Lovely Lisa can be the Jill MoMo I don't mind being the Jack. I've got to tell you though my house is to darn quiet. How in the he_ _ have I sat here for almost a year? Thanks to a certain little wayward wanderer it's time for me to pull up my big girl panties and make some major changes. Miss you xoxoxo

Ruth Rader said...

"That'll be twenty-five cents, please" said Lucy, sitting underneath her handmade "The Doctor Is In" sign.

"And not a penny less" She said.

See? I am more fun than an ankle-biting dog.

And I only require computer time, coffee, Diet Dew, music, bubble baths and somebody to irritate.


You will be okay. Just make sure that you stay off the six o'clock news. We will leave that option to ol' sonny boy the inflatable perv toy.