Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ruthie (Or Blondie) On The Road, Update

I spent the night in a storefront building. I ate homemade chicken soup out of a paper bowl. I didn't get a shower. My possessions were divided and stored. And I slept on a thick, vinyl mat on the floor...but I did get a blanket and a pillow.

This morning I awoke to orders from a woman who was all about "Do this, do that." But not about the crucial cup of coffee that I so very much needed...before I dealt with anything else.

After I gathered everything together, I walked out into the morning cold. It was 7a.m. and the sun wasn't even up, yet.

I walked down to the library, which was far from being open yet and sat down on a cold, stone bench. Then I undid the new FEMA disaster blanket that I had been given and wrapped it all around me. It was just so cold.

I thought about the hassle that I have been having while trying to get my State ID renewed.

As I watched my breath drop in a frozen cloud from my mouth, I decided that I deserved an even break. If I could shiver in the cold for hours, I should have an easier time acquiring updated identification. The chilly lady has bought the rights to proof of citizenship! Definitely.

After all, I am not a terrorist, plotting to destroy what is left of the warm feelings in this Country. I am 57-year-old United States citizen, who spent several hours, this morning, freezing my fanny off on a bench.

Then I asked myself: "What's the point of having a name if I have to officially prove that it's really mine?"

That was when I decided, as I trembled on that bench and dreamed of all kinds of hot things, that if I end up rejected in the line at the DMV...I'm going to throw my current name away and use another one.

And when someone asks me if I am Ruth Rader, I'm going to shake my head and say, "Nope."

If I don't get over the "necessary" hurdles tomorrow, at the DMV, I'm going to begin using a new name and start my life all over again.

As Blondie Stargaze.

Remember, Arizona?


Mallory said...

Lol, Blondie Stargaze, ay? I love it! I hope all goes well for you at the DMV tomorrow. I too have been homeless at different times in my life. I have a couch and wifi, I have a tub and plenty of food. I cannot come and get you where you are at (I wish I could because it sounds like you really need a friend and a place to stay right now) but if you find yourself in or can get to Moscow or Lewiston ID, or Clarkston, Pullman, Spokane, or Colfax WA, I can come and pick you up... and if it does not work out this time around I can give you my contact information so if you do find yourself over in this area of the country and need some help you have a friend. I know you are wanting to go to Colorado and I thought that you were well on your way and now here you are back in Oregon. I hope you can get your state id and get back on the road and on your way. Have you found a place to spend the winter in Colorado or are you going there to get medical treatment? By the way how are you feeling since you were in the hospital? Well take care Ruthie.


lisa ann said...

Blondie Stargaze!!:))) perfect! And it will surely be easier to get a new I.D. Tell them you were ubducted by aliens and your mother ships name is Stargaze;) Text me Blondie!

Ruth Rader said...

Mallory...Will you send me your contact information and particulars? I would need it today as I am going to hopefully going to get my ID problem taken care of, today. And then I will be going into Idaho, today.
Please contact me asap if you want to help. Thank You.

Ruth Rader said...

Hello, Lisa m'dear. I am, indeed, texting you, right now. :) Yowza, yowza, yowza!!

Geez, I am grubby, right now. Dirty clothes and no shower in two days. Oy!

I gots to get me a tub and scrub.