Sunday, January 20, 2013

The United States Of America: Falling Apart

"Gimme Back Mah Booletts!"

Washington Post Live Blog: 57th Presidential Inauguration

A version of this blog post was published after I read the following ARTICLE in the Washington Times:

If only John Lennon was alive to see this. He always had a sharp, but witty way of making his point. And then, in the end, a nut shot him in the back with a gun.

Did Chapman belong to some nefarious, treason-oriented group?


Did Chapman shoot Mr. Lennon because Chapman belonged to a certain wild-eyed group that held a specific political stance?

No, again. Chapman shot John Lennon because Chapman was crazy. Period. Crazy and armed.

So what category would those West Point thinkers put Mark David Chapman in, if he murdered John Lennon, today?

What is right and who is wrong? Who is disconnected and who belongs?

And where are we all going to go from here...armed as we are, with all of these questions?

Tomorrow, we will officially welcome back our President, And like it or not, he and many other people, will begin the process of moving our Country forward...again. And it will do no good to attempt to change that fact...unless and until...Mr. Obama or anyone else in our charged with an act of treason.

And nobody, from any group, should "take the law into their own hands." Not at this point, anyway. There is no reason for that.

We have a judicial system in place. The opposite of that would be anarchy.

We cannot afford to let "the left" or "the right" decide how everyone else in this Country is going to think. If we do that, then many Americans are going to end up being rounded up and taken away via the 2013 version of the "box cars to the showers."

This is my Country, too. And for the past nineteen of my fifty-seven years, I have traveled through every State, except Hawaii. (Maybe someday I will get there, too.) I have met many people and I've grown to really love my Country. And I don't love my Country because somebody ordered me to...I love the States because they are all great and it is the right thing to do.

But I hate what is happening in my Country, now. It is shameful and it makes me sad.

Go ahead and pin a label or two on me, you West Point poobahs. But just remember that I love my Country. And I am becoming concerned about the growing rift between some of
this Country's citizens.

We need to bring unity back to the United States.

So, instead of labeling and criticizing people...why don't you work on bringing the U.S.A. back together?

After all, you're in a think tank.

So you're the ones with the real brains, right?

But where, I wonder, is your heart now?

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