Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Day Filled With Dimwits

The wi-fi system here, in Bend, Oregon, is totally  MESSED-UP!!!

This is 2013, people and the public library's wireless Internet signal is limping along like it's being generated by an old man and a hand crank. GEEZ!!!

(Eat some more granola, Pops...come on, man, you can do a good old fart, crank out that bandwidth, and we'll give you a tub bath later with some prune puree and Icy-Hot.)

I am looking forward to getting a half-way decent meal, later, with my friend who may be sharing her car as bedroom quarters with me, tonight.

I am helping her with a situation (since I am a whiz at that sort of thing, online) and she is going to make sure that I don't freeze.

Yeah, don't these people ever think?

I mean, why close down a winter warming shelter when the temperature is going to drop to about 28 degrees tonight?

Thirty-two degrees is freezing cold. I sort of think that those mental-minuses who chose to close the shelter aren't going to go to sleep with the windows open in THEIR bedrooms, tonight!

And why doesn't the wi-fi work properly here in this Cabela boot and Birkenstock, college town?

I mean, what do these people think about that is preventing anyone from fixing the wireless Internet problem here?

Oh hell, who knows?

This is just a day that has been filled with dimwits.

I just hope that nobody screws-up my dinner.

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