Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chris Dorner: An Ass In The Ashes

I couldn't help but notice that, in the end, Christopher Dorner wound up in the exact position that I placed him in...before anything ever happened. Look at the picture of my eyes in the previous post...It's as if my eyes could already see the flames that Dorner would face in the end. And I posted that I hoped that Christopher Jordan Dorner would be "vaporized, right on the spot."

Well, flames did play a part in Dorner's demise. And after looking at the photo of the gutted cabin (above) it's obvious that Christopher Dorner's body was almost totally "vaporized." His death was confirmed only through his dental records.

It is now being reported that Dorner took his own life before the flames reached him. If that is the case, then why didn't he just kill himself in the first place and leave everyone else alone?

Violence didn't mix well with Dorner's stupid thinking. And it will never blend with the mindset of the next idiot...who grabs a gun for all of the wrong reasons.

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