Monday, February 11, 2013

Christopher Jordan Dorner: Right On The Spot

“Looks like what drives me crazy
Don't have no effect on you--
But I'm gonna keep on at it
Till it drives you crazy, too.”
Langston Hughes, Selected Poems

                                             -PHOTO AND EDITS BY RUTH RADER-

This a message to Christopher Dorner, Charlie Sheen and those of you who are cheering them both on:

Shame on you all.

You are treating this like it's a game. It isn't.

Officer Crain, among others, has a family. And you might not have much respect for your own family (let alone yourself) but Michael Crain did not deserve to die in a pool of blood.

Yes, I saw Officer Crain's body. I ran across it during a Google image search. And the sight of that torn and lifeless man further solidified my belief that NOBODY IS RIGHT IN THIS SITUATION EXCEPT THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO STOP IT.

You put quite a few names on your list, Mr. Dorner. But do you honestly think that any of those people would put your name on their list?

Maybe Charlie Sheen would. But then, he can barely maintain his own life...much less deal with yours.

I have two words for you, Sheen: BACK OFF!

Your stupid attempt to reach out to Dorner is only feeding his evil. Do something sensible, for once, and just ignore that monster.

Unless law enforcement is behind your latest stunt, I suggest that you take my advice and don't attract his attention. If you actually think that Christopher Dorner would never turn a weapon on you, then you're more of a fool than I ever gave you credit for.

Dorner is insane, Charlie and when you throw out a video, like the one above, you're just asking to join Officer Crain. I see your initial response as an awful and pathetic attempt to keep yourself in the public eye...for your own gain. And unless you want to gain a bullet in your brain, I suggest that you fade back into the nether reaches, now!

Christopher Dorner, the biggest son of a bitch in the headlines, today, is a hunter. That's what he does. He's plans, tracks and shoots his prey. He feels no remorse. BUT HE WILL...ON THE DAY THAT HE FACES HIS OWN DEATH.

And, Mr. Christopher Jordan Dorner, THAT DAY WILL  COME.

So you think that all of your wrongs will make things right within the Los Angeles Police Department?


No it won't...but I wonder when, in your mind, your sanctimonious rationale is going to catch up with your own HYPOCRISY.

Your circle is widening, Dorner and soon you will find a reason to kill anyone. You are already so far away from your original agenda that YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT NOW THAN WHAT YOU ARE CLAIMING THE LAPD TO BE.

I've had enough of your crap, Christopher Dorner. You are ugly, bad and wrong. Period. YOU COULDN'T BRING ONE SINGLE ACTION THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN, WITH REGARD TO THE LAPD, AND LAY IT AT THE FEET OF GOD.

Because God wouldn't take it.

You are going to discover that there is a FORCE, in the Universe, that is greater and mightier than you. And that FORCE will eventually bring you down, Dorner.

Psalm 14:1

You will answer to God. That is a promise.

And until this matter is resolved, I want to remind you, who "support" Dorner, that he has designated himself to be a judge, jury and executioner. He has sent bullets tearing into innocent bodies and has taken lives away from those who loved them. He has renounced love and now walks in the corrupt steps of hate.

Do you really want to align yourself with that mindset?

Do you want Dorner to bring that to your front door?

 I pray that God gets fed up and shows Dorner a mirror of himself. And I hope that the image appears so vile, in Dorner's own eyes, that it vaporizes Christopher Jordan Dorner right on the spot.

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