Monday, February 25, 2013

Corruption, The Catholic Way

"Holy Mother, full of grace...wipe the semen from my face."

If the above lines offend you...I have one response: The behavior of the most trusted leaders in the Catholic Church are...and have been for a number of years, offending ME!


I'll begin this post with a true story:

Years ago, I stood in a building that is owned and operated by Catholic Charities, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was chosen to speak on behalf of the local homeless population. My job was to tell the Twin Cities (via reporters and TV cameras) how important Catholic Charities is and how helpful they are to the homeless in that area.

Catholic Charities was looking for money, back then and I was tapped to be their unofficial spokesperson.

So, I allowed the media to follow me around the homeless "day center" all morning. Which was alright. And then I made a speech in front of all of the cameras. That was alright, too. But while this was all going on, I was aware of some serious problems within the rank-and-file of C.C. So when all of my public-relating was done, I turned to a reporter and started to talk about the problems within C.C.

Suddenly, a priest (the head poobah, at the time) physically grabbed me (and not very nicely, either) and pulled me back. Then he stood in front of me and said to the reporter, "You'll have to excuse her, she is actually a very troubled woman and that's why she's here."

"You son-of-a-bitch" I thought. I wanted to knock him flat.

A few years after that, that same priest was brought up on charges of (Yes, you guessed) sexual abuse of minor children and ended up in prison.

I was so happy when that happened.

Which is why I don't have much faith in that particular branch of "Christian" religion.

And now the scandal has crawled all the way up to the Vatican?

I haven't checked Juli Henry's Blog yet, but I imagine that she is having a field day with this latest situation.

And me?

I am just sick and tired of the pompous perverts, who get dressed-up like a bunch of Pharisees, and then diddle children in the name of God.

You know,  Jesus got mad in a temple, once. He was so disgusted by the obvious corruption going on in a particular church building,  that He finally broke out a very hot can of whoopass.

Maybe that's what God Almighty is getting ready to do, now. Personally, I wouldn't blame Him.

And I dare any of those pompous fools to try and block God's path.

Because it will take more than a ton of gold-plated rosary beads to stop God from cleaning out the Catholic toilet bowl.


Just ask Him.


Juli Henry said...

I really think that God is going to need a propane torch to clean that particular toilet.

Ruth Rader said...

Yeah...and that's when smoke from the Vatican will mean something different, entirely.

Juli Henry said...