Saturday, February 02, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Two

The man drove, the woman texted and I fell asleep. The guy ended up taking me all the way from La Grande to Ontario, Oregon. I walked away from the Pilot Travel Center and up to the eastbound ramp to Interstate 84.

I thought about what the trucker's wife had said about "good, ol' Tom." I doubt that she even realizes that I listened to every word that she said about Tom. But I did.

But now Tom knows.

Don't you, Tom?

Never assume anything when you interact with me, Mr. T. You know better than that.

A woman drove me from Ontario to a lonely stretch of highway 95. The weigh station, across the road, closed down for the night. But I was left with a concrete wall and plenty of lights.

So, I sat down on the wall, pulled my metallic "Space blanket" around me and waited for a vehicle...any come rolling down the hill.

It was a bit surreal, out there...and after a few minutes, I tilted my head back and howled. I really didn't expect to get a response. People have been doing everything that they can to kill every coyote and wolf left alive in Idaho.

And that makes me sad.

I howled a couple more times before I finally heard a single howl in the distance.

Satisfied, I sat quietly and waited for my next ride.

I thought about the fact that nothing in life is guaranteed. While some people travel
without a problem, other people run right into a bad accident.

So it's best, in the long run, to make the most of the good that each one of us gets. That's
life and it's about all that we can do.

A man in a big pickup stopped and offered me a ride south. He stopped in Jackpot,
Nevada and got me something to eat. Then he brought me down to where I am, right now:
Winnemucca, Nevada.

I am in the best place that I could possibly be for Super Bowl Sunday. My team, if you remember,
lost last year. This time I am well-aware of the odds and I assume that the Ravens are
going to lose.

(Although I would love it if they won)

Oh, come on!! I know that the birdies are steeped in controversy, right now. Yeah, I know.

But I still think that it would be kind of cool if they kicked the 49'ers butts, anyway.

So there.

Meanwhile, I am staying comfortable.

And the bets have all been placed.

The 49'ers will probably win the game. Again.

I wonder if Tom will?


Karen said...

Looks like your team won yahoo!!!

Ruth Rader said...

Yes, but what a nailbiter!