Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update

A woman who works at the house where I was staying, drove me out of Roseburg early last Sunday morning. She dropped me off on a foggy ramp near two local motels.

I sat down on the guardrail and waited from 8:15 am until almost 5pm in the afternoon, before I got a ride.

The first ride took me about eight miles down the road...back to Sutherlin. The second ride brought me a bit further north, to a collection of travel businesses: Two motels, one gas station, one cafe and a truck stop.

I tried to hitch a ride out but the truckers were too stupid to bother with that night, so I walked over to a nearby picnic table and sat down. A few minutes later, I called the sheriff's department and then waited for a cop to arrive.

He pulled up in his cruiser and advised me to walk down to the local 24-hour laundromat. He told me that I could snooze there, for the night. So I did.

Yesterday, I woke up and stared at the silent row of  dryers and aging washing machines and smiled. I had gotten a good rest in that building and now it was time for some hot coffee.

So, I pulled on my backpack and plodded down the torn up road to the local gas station. That's where I met Albert.

I walked in the gas station and said, "I need to use the restroom in the worst way and I also need a hot cup of coffee."

Albert pointed to the bathrooms.

After I brushed my teeth, washed my face and finished doing everything else I had to do in the restroom, I walked out in search of hot caffeine.

And I got it.

"High-Voltage", no less!

Good ol' Albert!

Then I tramped down the mile-long on ramp to the Interstate and sat down on yet another guard rail.

I got rides past Eugene and almost to Albany, Oregon before I turned right and headed down the eastbound shoulder of highway 20. I passed Lebanon and Sweet Home before I reached the hills.

Some of those hills have been stripped "bald" by modern-day lumberjacks.

And my next ride took me high up, over, across and through Santiam Pass.

At one point, during yesterday's travel, I was left in the middle of everything and spent some of my time taking photographs.

This post will be continued, soon.*


Grandma~rella said...

Well POOP, Ruthie!! I live in Sutherlin and would have LOVED to have net up with you, girlie!! Next time you're gonna be here...lemme know!! Happy trails, my friend! <3

Ruth Rader said...

I wish that I could have let you know. I stood for quite awhile by the ramp...looking at the bridge that includes the word, "SUTHERLIN"
chiseled in stone.

There I was...not that far from the Chevron gas station...and we never saw each other.

Maybe next time. :)