Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Children: Where Can They Safely Walk?

There is an evil in this Country. The United States of America is awash in it.

The flood of evil has risen to such a high level that I don't think that Jesus, Himself, is willing to walk on it, anymore.

My Country is in terrible trouble and the reason why I say this is because of what is happening now: America is turning on its own children.

It is bad enough that a horrible harridan like Terri Moulton (No-Longer-A-Horman) acted out her hatred for her own stepson, Kyron Horman in 2010.

It is awful times terrible, that people are putting bullets into young bodies without a second thought.

But why, oh why did a deranged man kill another man, in front of a bus filled with children, and then force one child into captivity...underground?

Never mind that President Obama enjoys skeet shooting. He's the Commander-In-Chief and I sure hope that he knows how to fire a gun!

I'm not worried about Mr. Obama's use of a firearm. He has no plans to harm a child with one.

But I am concerned about Joe and Jane Demon, who are out walking the streets, right now...plotting and planning their next act of atrocity...against a child.

And while each adult citizen is choosing a side...the demons are getting ready to strike again...we don't know where or when...but those demons are stepping lightly between the arguments of who to blame...freely hunting down more children...on streets with many names.

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