Sunday, February 24, 2013

Troy Fisher: The Pervert And A Promise

Troy Fisher's case has been dismissed. Not because he is innocent of the charges, but because the police did not follow the proper process to obtain search warrants.

Olympian News Coverage

And after reading the (above) news report, I posted the following comment on the Olympian website:

"The poison is not in the tree, people, it's in Troy Fisher's own mind. Let me be one of the first to say that the "fruit from the poisonous tree" may have saved him, this time. But next time (and I bet there will be one) we will see the poison move from the fruit to the root of the evil. I'm betting on it. A technicality will not change what actually happened. Fisher will eventually go back to his old ways and that's when the cops will get an ax and chop down that tree. Period."

Truer words have never been written.


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I included the following statement in a previous post:

There is a saying, that declares that "The TRUTH will set you free."

Well, in the case of "Pervert Troy Fisher vs. The Truth", innocence will be only be acquired
through a lie. And if Troy Fisher walks away from what he did as a "free" man, he will
still walk headlong into that same lie. Because the truth is, he's guilty.


Media sources are now reporting, that the charges against child-pornography-voyeur-cum-pedophile, (no pun
intended) Troy Fisher, will be dropped on Monday.


But I bet...that...when he thinks that nobody is watching, anymore...Troy Fisher will start all over.

He will chase down those perverse images, again. Yeah, he will tell himself that one little peek won't matter.

And then Troy Fisher will learn the lesson that is long overdue: Cops don't forget.

It's just a matter of time, Troy Fisher. 

The cops are counting on your obsession/addiction to bring you back around, again.

And you will return.

The Bible declares that, "A dog always returns to its own vomit."  Proverbs 26:11.

Someday, so will you.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this great news that Troy is now a free man, Ruth??? I bet your happy that it's over so you can now continue with your own life and stop concerning yourself in things that are none of your business :) You'll have so much more free time to hitch hike, and be a complete burden on your society. :)

Ruth Rader said...

Troy Fisher isn't free. He's plagued by demons.

Those demons took him from his apartment and out into the land of confusion. He wandered around in his pajamas, totally delusional and finally woke up under a bush (according to him).

I think that he did something far worse than that, during that time. It just hasn't been discovered, yet.

The same demons took over Troy's sense of discipline and self-control. Eventually, his common sense went down his mental loo, right along with everything else.

Troy is living a lie and deep down inside, he knows it. Those bad images didn't show up on those computers by themselves. He put them there, himself.

He isn't "innocent" in any sense of the word. His connection with innocence was broken a long, long time ago.

Troy's situation is my business. His case is public news and that's because we all have the right to know about a potential child predator in our midst.

He didn't walk out of that courtroom because he did nothing wrong. He walked out because a technicality opened up the door that should have shut him into a jail cell.

He knows that, too.

I find it interesting that you referred to the Troy Fisher case as "none of (my) business."

And I think I know why you wrote that: Because I am too close to a damning set of facts that you don't want me to pull together.

Yeah, you want me to stop, go silent and stop paying attention.

Well, it's a little too late for that, now.

(How long did that morning shower take?)

As for my hitchhiking, I am happy to say that it has never brought me to Troy Fisher's level of personal disgrace. No regrets here.

I get and continue to be a blessing. Troy knows that, too.

I am not a "burden" to anyone. Troy is.

His own stupidity created a problem where none had existed before. And dealing with it created a hassle, in many ways, for many people.

And it isn't cleaned-up, yet.

And Troy Fisher knows THAT, more than anything else.

Something is still really dirty in his life.

Maybe he ought to invite someone into his apartment, again...and leave that person alone just long enough...for take another shower.