Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ban The Potty-Breath Dog Video!

Yeah, I bet you've seen it: That sickening, rewinding, commercial from
that features a dog lapping like crazy from a toilet. YouTube keeps showing it over
and over before many music videos are played.

I hate it.

Yes, I REALLY HATE that damned commercial!

I mean, it's bad enough that the dog acts like it hasn't had a satisfying connection with
a water dish in twenty-years. But EWWW GEEZ, the woman lets the loo-licker run its
big tongue all over her face...including HER mouth!


I've noticed that although the video has garnered a tremendous amount of hits, that
over 800 people have pointed out that they hate it, too!

It makes me wonder what's next: A group of preschoolers eating toe-jam sandwiches?

"Bring some extra funk into your young one's lunch!"

I mean, really now...this has got to stop, somewhere!

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