Friday, March 15, 2013

Crap From The "Christians"

                                                -ALL PHOTOS BY RUTH RADER-

(This is a "highlight" post. I am no longer in Nevada.)

A young man dropped me off at a huge, Baptist church building in the city of  Sparks, Nevada. He hoped that the lights on in the building and the cars in the sprawling parking lot, held a promise of help for me.

The building obviously reflects a well-heeled congregation. Translation: Money, lots of it. The late-model vehicles and the well-dressed people made that fact very clear.

The sun was setting and I had been on the road all day, doing everything that I could to get rides from Susanville, California. As I walked toward the building, I was very aware of how tired I was. I obviously needed a place to stay for the night.

The church building, is as big as a hotel and the carpeting and decor, inside, rivals a Hampton Inn.

I put my backpack and laptop on a bench outside of the building and then peeked in the glass door. A woman with a small child saw me and approached the door. I asked her if she could find someone to speak with me, for a minute.

She left and a man returned.

I asked if I could stay in their building overnight. The man said that he was busy but that he would discuss some options with me in about an hour.

Then he said, "We have kids in here, right now. So you're going to have wait outside, until we're done with our activities. And I am going to lock the door until I come back."

Oh, yes he did.

So, I sat on the bench and waited.

Eventually, the same man returned and told me that he had called the senior pastor. A few minutes later, the pastor arrived.

That man, the senior pastor, is a total jackass. Straight and to the point, he is a rude, arrogant (and ignorant), Bible-banging bigot. And I want my fellow-blogger, Juli Henry, to know that Westboro Baptist Church has a branch in Nevada.

The old fool actually had the nerve to ask me, "What Nationality are you?"

The pair of guys decided to take me to a motel in downtown Reno and then drive me out of the metropolitan area, the next day. I really appreciated that idea and I was happy to get a bag of food from them, too.

But the peanut butter had an odd smell and a stamped expiration date of 2010. But that isn't why I am sharing this post.

Those two ingrates took me down to the worst, seedy and dangerous section of  Reno. Then they got me a room that I will never forget.

And before the night was through, I had a set of  photographs in my cell phone.

The room was filthy and that included the bed. I put my hand under the blanket and pulled out a wrinkled, sticky sheet of Christmas stickers.

But that was just the beginning:

                                                             -THE FRONT DOOR-

                               -A DIRTY BEDSPREAD WAS NAILED TO THE WINDOW-                                                                              

                                             "HOME IS WHERE THE DOPE IS"-

                                                 -THE FILTHY BATHROOM DOOR-

                                                           -THE DISGUSTING TOILET-

                                                      -THE FILTHY SHOWER-

This is where that church placed this lady.

I know that they never counted on me taking photos or posting this in my blog, in Google+
circles or on Facebook. They never thought that anyone would ever know how they treated me.

They did what they did on purpose. They did what they felt was their "Christian Duty" and all
the while they made snide remarks.

Well, now I have posted some remarks of my own.

And these pictures won't lie. Ever.

Even though those Nevada Baptists will...every day.


Juli Henry said...

More and more, it looks like anyone who wants to do right in this world is reviled by Christians. It's almost as if many of them don't even KNOW the ten commandments! In order for those Christians to like you, you would have needed a criminal isn't worth it.

Juli Henry said...

Private: Here's a post about another Baptist church that might interest you....remember when you were in Kansas? When the person in the picture told me that Victory Baptist Church had helped him pay his fines after he violated his probation and committed a violent crime, (hear my house, I should add) yet had refused to help you when you needed help, I was really, really pissed. I am beginning to think that Christians really only like crooked people.

Anonymous said...

I think what you meant to say was "thank you". Why do feel so fucking entitled?

Ruth Rader said...

Thank you for your intelligent and insightful comments, Juli.

NOW...let us go on to Anonymous, the Potty Mouth:

My goodness...such language! I sure hope that you are a member of that Baptist church in Nevada. Oh, please tell me that you are.

I tried to find a photograph of the church building that stands on that hill near Reno, Nevada. And I have been unable to find one. I can't even find a photo of the so-called "senior pastor."

Perhaps when the photographer came around, everyone was gone to the obligatory "How To Drop An F-Bomb On Bloggers" class.

And since you asked me, I don't "feel entitled" to be placed in a filthy train wreck of a motel room, like the one that the Baptists in Nevada put me in.

Nope. I don't feel entitled to that, at all. But thank you for finally getting my message straight.

It probably helps your comprehension, to pull your head out of the church toilet bowl, once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth,

I have never commented on your blog before but for some reason feel compelled to do so now. I stumbled upon a youtube video you posted regarding the Kyron Hormon case a while back and for some reason found myself crusing your videos and litening to your story. You were actually traveling through the State I live in at the time. Anyway, some of your story facinates me and you do make some good observations in your videos and on your blog. I pray you find what you are looking for and that you have safe travels as you go down that road of discovery. I would like to say one thing that may seem negative to you given some of your responces to other comments people have given, but, overall I do find that you seem to carry some sense of entitlement in a werid way and you are indeed often negative in your wrightings. I know I don't know your personally but I am just responding to the way you come off on in your videos and on your blog. Don't mean to go on and on...just felt like reaching out. I really do hope you find your simle some day. And, I hope you know the Lord Jesus despite your seemingly negative experience with "religious" people. Take care and stay safe and may God bless you! :-)

Ruth Rader said...

I suggest that you re-read the first comment in this set, gutless fool.

You are a coward...trying to hide behind anonymity, online...but my tracker is following right behind you.

My fellow blogger, Juli, made a better point here than you have. But then, she looks at the truth from all of the way, around. You don't.

And don't give me that crap about not commenting on my blog, before, either. Horseshit.

I just spent two days at someone's home. Their house would probably list for over $400,000 on the market. And they opened the doors of that house to me.

I know that they will NEVER take me to a garbage dump like that one in Reno.

I don't have entitlements, oh ignorer of spellcheck, I have rights. I have held onto them all of my life and I will continue to do so.

You, on the other hand, have a prickle in your conscience and it motivated you to write to me. You don't like the fact that you are seeing parts of yourself in those hypocrites that I described in this post.

You're darn right you don't know me. My videos are just fine and if you had actually watched all of them (No, you didn't) then you would be far more enlightened than you are about me.

And how much of my blog have you actually read? I have written some posts that are so heart-hitting that they've literally made people cry. Readers have shed tears because my combination of words are so beautiful.

Your words are nauseating. You dumbass fool.

You are only lying to yourself.

I am now in the top 9% of the most read reviewers on the highly-rated Trip Advisor website.

I bet that you didn't know that, did you, jackass?

And furthermore, I have been a blessing to many people, on a personal level, that you don't know anything about.

No, you have no concept of who Christ really is. So take your threadbare theology and your condescending crap and flush them both down a sanctimonious sewer, somewhere.

I'm sure that the rats down there will really appreciate your stink. I have no use for it.

Oh, and one last thing: In your comment to me, you didn't spell the simple word, "smile", properly.

But that doesn't surprise me.

Your kind never does.