Friday, March 01, 2013

Fisher, Newcomer And Doing The Right Thing, Update

UPDATE: There is a priceless value to being the better man. Today, Craig Newcomer is that man.
I read THIS ARTICLE that was posted on the Waynesboro, Pennsylvania Record Herald website, this morning.

Craig is quoted as saying that he is going to "man up and admit to what (he) did." "I have to be accountable for my actions."

Craig Newcomer is a Christian man who is now totally aware of what that means. He has humbled himself and is now ready to receive the real power from God. Craig is a born leader and I believe that, despite this situation, he will be an important blessing to many people, this year.

My sincere prayers are going with you, now, brother Craig.

(The Original Post):

THIS ARTICLE was published on the Martinsburg, West Virginia Journal-News website,  this morning. And after I read it, I smiled and whispered, "Thank you, Craig."


After saying, over and over, that he was going to stand firm through the entire trial, Craig Newcomer's conscience has finally seen the light.

And the fact that this recent development came on the heels of the Troy Fisher travesty,  is no coincidence.

Craig explained to me, on several occasions, how he was going to handle the trial proceedings. I sat on the opposite couch and listened to his words, while a "yes, but..." ran through my mind.

I know all about Craig's situation. Some of you remember when I wrote about it. Now I know that Troy Fisher will never hold a candle to Craig Newcomer.

Thank you, brother Craig. I respect your courage.

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