Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kyron: T-Shirts, Trinkets and Forgetting His Name


Many people know that name.

Almost three years ago, that name was on many people's lips and part of every media source in the Pacific  Northwest.

Now...the voices have gone silent and the case has grown cold.

I think this is because the parents (excluding Terri No-Longer-A-Horman, who never even liked
Kyron, in the first place) have given up.

I think that Tony, Kaine and Desiree are finally reaching the point where they are ready to move on...
without Kyron.

I believe that Kyron is all but dead to them, now.

The constant silence from them sounds like an echoed "goodbye" to me, now.

I wonder what Kaine has done with all of those t-shirts and keychains and wristbands?

Kiara is getting older now and perhaps she is enough for Kaine. Maybe he is ready to put all of the trinkets, that include Kyron's impish face, away.

I haven't read a love letter from Desiree to Kyron in a very long time. But then, Desiree might have run out of more words to write to a ghost.

And I don't know what to say about Tony, as it appears that he lost his ability to speak from his heart, ages ago.

Kyron is gone. That is now the worn-out conclusion: He is gone. He has transformed into someone,
who, if he still cries, nobody seems to hear, anymore.

The billboards are ignored, the posters have been taken down, the t-shirts have faded and Kyron is becoming invisible.

And in the great, vast world of reality, Kyron doesn't really exist, anymore.

This wrong may never be made right again until the parties involved stand before God Almighty.

It might be time to throw all of the t-shirts and trinkets away...because when it comes to Kyron Richard Horman...there might be nothing left to do and nothing left to say.


Juli Henry said...

No; the seven year old who disappeared does not exist. I will have to admit you are very, very, right about that, Ruthie. If Kyron is alive, he is a ten year old; and if he grows up, he will be a young man. The little boy no longer exists.

I hope everyone personally involved in his case reads what you have to say, and reignites all of the passion and LOVE that Kyron deserves. If he were my child, I could not be silent without a very GOOD reason, and at this point, I think the general public deserves to know what that reason might be.

Good message, Ruthie. Love ya!

Ruth Rader said...

Juli...I hope that you will be able to help me to get this post out to everyone who should read it.

And when is the last time that the three parents were together in front of the media cameras?

Ruth Rader said...

And you stated, "If he were my child, I could not be silent without a very GOOD reason."

What do you think that reason is, Juli?

Juli Henry said...

A good reason to be silent? Perhaps a threat. Or proof of where Kyron is or what happened. But even then, I would only sit down and shut up if I knew it was the best strategy.

I think it's time for Multnomah County to give some sort of account concerning whatever is going on in the case to everyone.

Ruth Rader said...

Tell that to the fools at Facebook's "Missing Kyron Horman", that play fantasy with photos of Kyron when he was a baby and 5,6, and 7 years of age.

Kyron (if he is alive) is now more like a strapping 10 year old and perhaps very traumatized by whatever has gone on over the past three years.

His memories of his past life may be very murky in his mind, now.

That is not as it should be, but it might be a fact.

I can almost guarantee that Kyron's mind has been damaged. He may be way beyond his years now...and very cynical or he may have regressed (in his mind) to an immature level, far below where he was before he was taken.

Or he may be dead and the wheels of justice have locked-up in the quagmire of quiet that has brought resolution to a standstill.

Either way, you are darn right that MCSO has a responsibility to account for what has and has not gone on, up to this point, in the so-called "investigation."

Ruth Rader said...

I recently got a comment that I have since deleted. I deleted the comment because what started out as a difference of opinion quickly turned into a senseless rant. So, I saw no point in putting it up, here.

However, I am going to respond to it.

This particular post has garnered quite a few hits. And I am happy to post different reactions to it, as long as those opinions are civil.

If you are just going to rant, please post your anger elsewhere.

I haven't kept this blog for eight years to include the spitting words of a psychotic crazy person.

And you will never prove your point by posting two sentences related to Kyron and then spending three paragraphs bashing me.

You want to take me on, don't do it in response to my posts about Kyron. I won't have it.

You want to discuss Kyron's case, have at it.

(I could have ripped that particular poster apart, but I prefer to give that person another chance to respond to KYRON'S CASE and leave me out of it.)

As for commenting about me, go ahead. But don't expect me to publish your comment if your words just reflect the rants of an asinine idiot.

Always remember: You may own the moves, but I own the blade.