Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Christian Disconnection

I am staying at a house, temporarily, that requires me to leave at seven a.m. in  the morning. That is not that much of an issue during the week because the weather has been warmer.  And the public library opens at 8a.m. during the week.

However, today is Sunday and nowhere warm was readily available when I walked outside into the cold. The temperature on the bank sign read 16 degrees (F) above zero.

So I called around to some churches and left messages asking them to contact me back. I explained that  I was very cold and needed a warm place to hang-out until later on, today. I said that I wanted to go to a worship service. I said that I wanted to fellowship with some fellow Christians.

No one from any of the so-called "Christian congregations" ever called me back.

"The Christian Disconnection": Growing stronger in 2013.

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