Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Key Past "Christian" Criticism

Now this is funny.

A reader has been posting comments, that are related to the posts about the terrible place that I was placed when I was in Reno, Nevada. This is the latest exchange between the two of us. The reader's comments are featured, first:

["Who would post with their real name and risk one of your "black curses?" Let me get this clear, Christians are supposed to put you up, a freeloader who could get a job instead of living off of others, in a swank hotel, give you pocket money, warm food, wi-fi, a place to do laundry and if they don't, they aren't good Christians? I never pick up hitchhikers as one doesn't know motive. You might look like an innocent old lady but who knows if you have a knife or a gun and kill me and take off in my car? As far as you calling the cops when you can't get a ride and need shelter, do you call 911? I find that akin to people calling 911 because McDonald's didn't put pickles on their sandwich. You should be prosecuted. You obviously don't pay taxes but I do, and I don't want your lazy ass using resources my tax dollars pay for to pick you up on a lonely highway. Get a friggin job! Go flip burgers and then you can afford your own digs complete with shower and clean sheets. Yes, you do have entitlement syndrome. Maybe with some of the gov't benefits you seem to be receiving, you should get some psychiatric care."]

This is my response:

["You just keep on picking at this post, don't you?

I bet I know why: You never counted on me writing about the whole thing in my blog and taking photos.

But I did.

I have gone past that incident, now but you, obviously, have not. I think that you should ask yourself why you are so obsessed with this particular post?

I notice that you haven't chosen to respond to fellow blogger Juli's comments. Nor have you answered her questions.

You can't bring yourself to do that, can you?

You are so bitter...biiiiitttteeeer!!

Well, wah. That's your problem.

So you're afraid of my curses, eh?

Well, people who have a guilty conscience and something bad within themselves, to hide...often react like you do.

There is a space that spans, like the one between the east and western end of the Cosmos, between a "swank hotel" and where those unholy hypocrites put me that night.

I just finished a stint at a rest area. I nearly spent two whole nights, there. I say "nearly" because some REAL Christians decided that wasn't a suitable solution and lodged me in a Motel 6, instead.

(Now, breathe...I'd just hate to see you fall over in an apoplectic

I didn't ask for nor did I expect to walk into a "swank hotel" but those "Christian" cretins never should have paid to place me where they did.

You saw those photos and that's what has you more upset, than anything. Because when you look at them...the truth emerges, one telling frame at a time. And then you feel a real feeling of shame begin to nudge you.

And you just can't have that, can you?

No, but you DO have that huge, fancy church building. The same one that you initially locked me out of.

When fellow blogger, Juli, asked why you locked the door in the first place and then implied that you may have been trying to hide some sort of activity that you all were engaging in with those children...you didn't touch her words with a ten-foot disclaimer.

~~Things that make one go,"Hrrrmmm."~~

I will tell you once again: You are not fooling anybody, least of all, me.

Then halfway through your latest comment, you shifted gears and declared that you never "pick up hitchhikers."

Yeah, I just bet you don't.

Between the two of us, I have more faith and courage than you do. And that open-attitude has linked me closer to God and to the rest of Humanity.

And that, I guarantee you, will never result in a prosecution.


Curmudgeon is too good a word for you.

Entitle THAT, you fool."]

                                                      -PHOTO BY RUTH RADER-

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