Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update: Special



Hi everyone!

Before I roll back the time line to Easter Sunday, I'm going to let you know what is going on with me, right now.

Greetings from northwestern Iowa!

The word for today is: WEATHER! 




And up where I am, right now, the heroic utility crews finally re-connected the electricity from the frozen poles to the links in this hotel.

When I first walked in the building, it was filled with shadows and eerily quiet.

But it was much better than sitting on my backpack in a snow bank. Yes, I said SNOW BANK!

It started to get cold as I began my journey back through Iowa. Yes, I have traveled through this State, again...and I haven't forgotten about what happened to me in this State, last year. Most of you remember how I fell and sprained my thumb, chipped my right front tooth and broke both my laptop and my nose last Summer. And then the cops and the first group of  medical "professionals" treated me very badly.

So when I came back into Iowa, I was prepared for more country crap and a few more run-ins with some hayseed cops. I wasn't disappointed.

I met some real funking bumpkins over the past few days!

One cop drove me through a raging thunderstorm and another one drove me from one cold spot to another. The first one made a show of bitching at me about everything that he could conjure up in his jaded brain. The second one swore that I would "never get a ride" up a particular stretch of highway.

They are both wrong.

I feel like fate has evened-up the score. Yes, I do.

Both of those pompous policemen can --- ---- --- ---, for all I care.

Screw you, Iowa!

All of you adults who drove past me when I was huddled on my backpack, shivering in the frozen can kiss my now-thawed-out ass!

I don't care if you had to pay for my motel room! No, I don't.

Where were all of you last Summer, when I was dumped at a rural junction point...swollen and suffering from my various injuries?

You can chow down on my expense-tally and take those change-counting "church folk" with you!

Yesterday, a sixteen-year-old girl passed by me in her Daddy's car and then turned around. When all was said and done, she drove me 40 miles north and dropped me off in the very town that the second cop swore that I would never reach by hitchhiking.

"Nobody up here will ever pick you up on that highway...folks won't do that up here, not for you."

Well guess what, jackass?

Someone did pick me up...someone who doesn't live by your bent badge but by the gracious will of God.

I stayed warm and safe and dry while the ice coated everything that the snow didn't bury, last night. And tonight I will be okay, too.

Tomorrow morning I will get a guaranteed ride out of this State. And I won't leave on a bus.

But I will go with a smile on my face.

I won. You lost, Iowa.



Anonymous said...

I pictured your vacation somewhere warm, not in Iowa! Why didn't you ask some of your Justice Quest buddies from Iowa in the Lyric and Elizabeth thread for a free stay?

Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmmmmm, John Wayne is from Winterset Iowa Ruthie and you don't like Iowans!

Ruth Rader said...

I don't know what the Lyric and Elizabeth threads are. I have no "Justice Quest buddies." And there is also a down side to the Southern States at this time of year.

Weather is weather is weather, especially in the Spring.

Ruth Rader said...

John Wayne was never just an Iowan...compared to many that I've met, The Duke was larger than life.

He still is.

Iowa may have been where he began...but the World is where he became the legendary icon that he is, today.