Wednesday, April 03, 2013


                                          -PUT TOGETHER BY RUTH RADER-
                                           -USING PICMONKEY SOFTWARE-

We aren't kidding. Beware, you fool. You are messing with the wrong Country. Unless, of course, you have a very real death wish.


Now just look at what the rogue hacker group, Anonymous did:

When the hacktivist group, Anonymous, doesn't like North Korea's threats, know that
they won't just sit around and talk about it.

Something tells me that the little asshole, Kim Jong-Un is in for a very rude awakening.

Thank you for sending North Korea a message, Anonymous.

Now, do you think that you could hack into their military computers?

That way, if Kim Jong-Un decides to fire-off one of those nukes, you could just turn it around in midair and send it back where it came from.

"Naw, we're gonna re-gift this sucker...right back atcha, peeps...happy landings and have a nice day."


I respect your efforts to make your point clear, Anonymous. And I know that you are a very powerful entity. The time has come to put every bit of your expertise to the test.

I'm serious.

Kim Jong-Un and his goon squad have pushed their bad agenda far enough. There are good, innocent people here who have the right to continue to live their lives in peace. And we don't need any more radiation contamination, either.

Please help us in any way that you can.

Thank you.


Juli Henry said...

Information and the Truth are laways very powerful.

Ruth Rader said...

Yes they are, Juli. And you know that both information and the truth are terribly skewed in North Korea.

The little turd is now claiming that the United States "desperately" wants war.



We just slashed our military budget and nobody that I know wants a radioactive bomb to explode over here!

BTW, CNN will carry a special about North Korea tonight at 7pm Eastern and 10pm Pacific.