Tuesday, April 02, 2013

You Have No Concept

I received a very stupid and senseless comment, recently and I am re-posting it, here. The comment was sent in response to this post . This is the comment, complete with all of  its grammatical and spelling errors:

["I have never commented on your blog before but for some reason feel compelled to do so now. I stumbled upon a youtube video you posted regarding the Kyron Hormon case a while back and for some reason found myself crusing your videos and litening to your story. You were actually traveling through the State I live in at the time. Anyway, some of your story facinates me and you do make some good observations in your videos and on your blog. I pray you find what you are looking for and that you have safe travels as you go down that road of discovery. I would like to say one thing that may seem negative to you given some of your responces to other comments people have given, but, overall I do find that you seem to carry some sense of entitlement in a werid way and you are indeed often negative in your wrightings. I know I don't know your personally but I am just responding to the way you come off on in your videos and on your blog. Don't mean to go on and on...just felt like reaching out. I really do hope you find your simle some day. And, I hope you know the Lord Jesus despite your seemingly negative experience with "religious" people. Take care and stay safe and may God bless you! :-) "]  

This is my response to the above comment:

["I suggest that you re-read the first comment in this set, Anonymous...you gutless fool.

You are a coward...trying to hide behind anonymity, online...but my tracker is following right behind you.

My fellow blogger, Juli, made a better point here than you have. But then, she looks at the truth from all of the way, around. You don't.

And don't give me that crap about not commenting on my blog, before, either. Horseshit.

I just spent two days at someone's home. Their house would probably list for over $400,000 on the market. And they opened the doors of that house to me.

I know that they will NEVER take me to a garbage dump like that one in Reno.

I don't have entitlements, oh One who ignores spellcheck, I have rights. I have held onto them all of my life and I will continue to do so.

You, on the other hand, have a prickle in your conscience and it motivated you to write to me. You don't like the fact that you are seeing parts of yourself in those hypocrites that I described in this post.

You're darn right you don't know me. My videos are just fine and if you had actually watched all of them (No, you didn't) then you would be far more enlightened than you are about me.

And how much of my blog have you actually read? I have written some posts that are so heart-hitting that they've literally made people cry. Readers have shed tears because my combination of words are so beautiful.

Your words are nauseating. You dumbass fool.

You are only lying to yourself.

I am now in the top 9% of the most read reviewers on the highly-rated Trip Advisor website.

I bet that you didn't know that, did you, jackass?

And furthermore, I have been a blessing to many people, on a personal level, that you don't know anything about.

No, you have no concept of who Christ really is. So take your threadbare theology and your condescending crap and flush them both down a sanctimonious sewer, somewhere.

I'm sure that the rats down there will really appreciate your stink. I have no use for it.

Oh, and one last thing: In your comment to me, you didn't spell the simple word, "smile", properly.

But that doesn't surprise me.

Your kind never does."]

And here, again, is a copy of a video that I made and then posted on YouTube, last December

And the next time that you write to me, do your homework, first.

My point is made.

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