Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blown Away On A Kansas Day

I am in northeastern Kansas, right now, where the Storm Chasers
have been very busy.

Meanwhile, I have been locked onto the Accuweather website and
NOAA weather radio. I monitor the radar on my laptop. And I listen
to the National Weather Service as it recites its list of watches and
warnings in its automated, sing-song voice.

This is tornado season. As the video shot by a Storm Chaser
during a recent Kansas twister, makes abundantly clear.

NOTE: The video was recorded during a recent tornado that touched
down on May 27, 2013 in Smith County, Kansas. The Storm Chasers
were hunkered down in a specially designed chasing vehicle that has
Plexiglas windows and can anchor itself into the ground during a
violent storm. A regular vehicle would have been destroyed. Ditto for
the Storm Chasers!

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