Sunday, May 05, 2013

Craig Newcomer...Moving On~*

 I have Craig Newcomer on Google alert. That means that any time that Craig is
featured in a news story, I am notified, immediately.

Google sent me a package of articles last week. This is one of them.

Craig stated that he wants to put the whole experience behind him now and move on. I sincerely
hope that he never finds himself in a bad situation, again.

Stay out of the town that displays the "Stupidville" sign and you just might be alright,

I don't know what Craig is going to have to do to take care of all those community service
hours. But I really don't see him picking up cigarette butts in the park, anytime soon. The $3,000
fine plus court costs may pinch him a bit, though. But that expenditure will probably hurt other
people more. Now some people who could really use that money, right now...won't be able to get
it. And that is a damn shame.

Isn't it, Craig?

Mr. Cumbie didn't win anything fact, as far as I can see, nobody did.

I remember Craig...standing there in that bus station. He was everybody's hero, that day. Now he's
just another guy, mortal as the rest of us, doing his best to wipe the clay off of his feet.

I returned to Pennsylvania, last Summer. And I thought about stopping in to see Craig, in
Chambersburg. But then I remembered how busy he had been, the last time that I was there...
and so I crossed the border into New York, instead.

Craig became very busy. And I never had the chance to have that long conversation that I
always wanted to have with him. It was always postponed until "later." But later never came.
Finally, I took my name off of his list and went away.

I sometimes wonder if Craig ever sees my image, in the hallway or the front lobby or in the
parking lot at Candleheart. I wonder if that building holds anything real within its walls,

And I wonder what Craig means when he says that he is going to move on.

Where is Craig Newcomer going to go, now?

I hope that Craig doesn't beat anyone up, ever again. I hope that he hands out blessings,

Whenever he finds the time.

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