Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Please Remember That

Some people say that those who live in tornado-prone areas accept the risks.
Well, I doubt that any parent who lost a child or friend that lost a loved one in that awful storm is blithely attributing that death to geography, now.

It has become too easy, in our Country, to just turn-off the flatscreen  and say, "Enough...
that's their problem."

A disaster like this is every one's call to answer.

If  you dismiss the horror that some children endured, when they drowned in that dark school basement...then
you need to take a second look at your heart.

And if you look at pictures of people's ravaged homes and think, "Better them than me"...
then you have lost all sense of moral responsibility.

Compassion hasn't really gone out of fashion. It's still cool to care.

When you consider what just happened in Oklahoma...please remember that.

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