Friday, May 03, 2013

Questioning A New Comment About Kyron

Recently, I received a comment from an anonymous source. (Can you say "tracker", boys and girls?)

The comment was sent in response to THIS POST, IN MY BLOG.

This is the comment:

[Look lady. I knew Kyron, I knew his teacher, the entire school staff, and oh yeah. I knew James. I was friends with him. James was one of the nicest kids I had ever known. Don't go assuming things so quickly. James had absolutely nothing to do with this case. So leave him out of it. And leave Kyron's teacher out of it.]


And this is my reply that I just posted under the "anonymous" person's post:

[I published this post over two years ago and you've sent me a comment about it, NOW??


So you say that you "knew Kyron." Really? In what capacity?

You also mention Kyron's teacher and "the entire school staff." Why are you making a concerted effort to let me know that? Why is the teacher and the school staff so significant to you that you felt compelled to mention them in your comment?

You jumped from Kyron to his teacher to the entire school staff to James. Why did choose to list those people in that particular order?

And why do you refer to each person in the past tense? "I knew Kyron...I knew his teacher...I knew James." What about now?

When you mention James, you state: "I was friends with him." You used the term "was." Does this mean that you aren't friends with him, now?

You referred to James as "one of the nicest kids." You're dating yourself and coming across as an older person...quite a bit older than James is.

Then you wrote something that sticks out from the rest of your comment: "Don't go assuming things so quickly."

That's a rather odd thing to post. I mean, my post is over two years old and you're telling me not to assume too quickly.

Uhhh, hrrrmmm.

Methinks that you're conveying much more here than even you may have been aware of when you sent your comment to me.

In fact, I don't assume as much as I analyze.

You declared that "James had absolutely nothing to do with this case."

How do YOU know?

And you used the word "absolutely."
You not only come across as an older person but you also sound very sure of yourself.


Lastly, you wrote "leave Kyron's teacher out of it."

Why are you so concerned about Kyron's teacher? Who is that person to you?

Whether you realize it or not, you actually sent out a mouthful when you sent your comment to me.

Of course, there is the chance that you are just a wing nut with psychological issues, who just happens to have latched-on to Kyron's situation.

I dare you, now, to prove otherwise.]

And for the record, I think that James Moulton does know something about Kyron's disappearance. Maybe the person who just sent me the above comment knows something, too.

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