Friday, May 10, 2013

Ruthie In The Sky, Update

I am now in Tremonton, Utah. Which is significant because I woke up in Sweet Home,
Oregon yesterday. Sweet Home is 676 miles from Tremonton, Utah.

I got a ride to the edge of Sweet Home, yesterday morning. Then the driver said a prayer
for me and slipped $100 into my hand before we said goodbye.

Then I got a ride to Cascade, Oregon where I sat on a guardrail, under the tall pines and waited.
After about two hours, a pervert in a big white pickup, stopped and propositioned me.

"You want to fool around a little?" he asked me.

I leveled him a look that made him sit back in his seat and then I said, "You are the little fool
that I don't want to be around."

Before he drove away, I made sure that he knew that I put a curse on him.

Fifteen minutes later, a guy who works for a nationwide tire chain, stopped and properly
offered me a ride. He drove all afternoon and last night and dropped me off here in Tremonton
earlier today.

Now I am in a motel. I will return to the road when I feel more human, tomorrow morning.

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