Saturday, May 04, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, (Road Update Special)

At one point, while hitchhiking down the 101 Pacific Coast Highway in Oregon, I ran into some difficulty. I sent the following email to someone and it explains what happened to me, close to the time that the woman was found dead:

[ I am sending this email in response to the recent discovery of a woman's body near the lighthouse by Winchester Bay.
This past week, I was hitchhiking down highway 101 and when I got to
Reedsport, I met a cop who told me that I couldn't hitch through that town. He didn't care about me, in fact, he said that "hitchhikers try to come through here and they end up trying to steal money and food."
I am not a criminal and I was very offended by what that officer said. I told him that I wasn't going to just walk through the town to the other end. He finally arranged to have me bussed to Winchester Bay. I had no money and could go no further. I was trying very hard to get to the mission in Coos Bay.
I spent one night in a restroom in Nehalem. I spent the next night on a bench in the cold wind in Waldport. The next night passed as I sat on a wall by the highway in Florence. By the time that the bus dropped me off at the end of town in Winchester Bay, I was exhausted.
I sat down on my big backpack at the bottom of the hill and tried for hours to get a ride. When the sun ran low in the sky, I decided to climb the hill. I had no idea what was at the top.
I admit that I had no flashlight. I admit that I had let my cell phone run low on battery power. I know that I should have sought assistance right there in Winchester Bay and I should have insisted on staying there, overnight. But I didn't.
Instead I climbed that hill.
And when I reached the entrance to the State Park, (the one with the lighthouse) I was losing daylight. I walked across the road, sat on the guardrail and called the cops. I was switched to the State Police and ended up with an officer who obviously didn't care what happened to me.
When I explained to him what was going on, he didn't give me any worthwhile information, remarked that, "you really got yourself in a predicament", refused to get me a ride either to Coos Bay or back down the hill to Winchester Bay, blew me off and hung up.
I was in the dark by that time and alone. I sat down on my pack, on the inside of that guardrail and spent the night shivering and listening for any odd noise.
Before the sun was totally gone, I watched some people pull in the entrance to the State Park and they creeped me out. In fact, something about that entrance road gave me very bad vibes. Say what you want to, but I just finished spending two days in a yurt in another State Park and I totally enjoyed it. But the road into that lighthouse park just felt all wrong.
And that's why I never walked past that entrance sign into that particular park.
The next morning, I moved what was left of myself to the other side of the road and put out my thumb, again. A lady finally stopped and drove me all the way to the Visitor's Center in Coos Bay. Now I am in a motel near Bandon and I'm okay.
But what if that woman that was recently found had turned out to be me?
From the cop in Reedsport to the State Police officer who answered the phone...wouldn't they carry some of the blame for seeing me as someone other than who I really am?
Thank Heaven that God doesn't see me that way. He is the one that got me through that night. The cops sure didn't.
And now a woman has been found, murdered. ]

Oregonian: Suspect Makes First Court Appearance


Juli Henry said...

OMG! Ruthie! A crime-spree creep! Is he the guy you saw?

Ruth Rader said...

I am not sure but I definitely noted the woman's age when I read the first article about her murder.

The guy does represent the type of people that I saw during my day of hitchhiking near Winchester Bay... AND the creepy people that I watched roll into that State Park, just before sunset.